G.M. candidates narrow

Beam Me Up, Scotty

The field of candidates for GM's job
has narrowed for Ticat president

The Hamilton Spectator Steve Milton

November 30, 2007

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Front-runner Bob O'Billovich,B.C. Lions,
player personnel director

Mike McCarthy, Tiger-Cats,
player personnel consultant

AND former G.M of the Ticats, Argos,
Rough Riders and the B.C. Lions

plus a couple "under the radar" possibilities.

Well I am glad the team is looking at Mike ..
But still Think Obie is the Best Choice.

I think they still have to be pursuing a way to get Taman or something like that ... maybe still looking into the darkhorse candidates because if Mitchell really wanted Obie to be our GM wouldn't he be here by now?

I like Obie, but I think there is danger in hiring a guy who wants to be here mainly because he lives close by, instead of a guy who mainly wants to be here because he wants to succeed at the job.

I've got a feeling that it is already a done deal, and they are just going through the motions to make it look like all avenues were persued. Me, I hope it is Obie. Hopefully an announcement over the weekend or by Monday. Tomorrow is Dec 1st and that is what Mitchell hinted at.

What are the odds Obie gets hired and brings Dave Ritchie with him as Defensive Coordinator/Assistant Head Coach?

Just thinking out loud here ...

  • paul

I don't think Richie would leave BC for anything less than a head coaching position. Maybe he can get that in Hamilton if Obie doesn't like Taafe.

Why not trade Taaffe for Popp

Bingo! (Hi Zontar...lol)

I really don't think we have long to wait! As far as "making it look like" anything goes, I think they are dotting the "i"s and crossing the "t"s.

I'm confident that the team that gets put together on the coaching and mangement side will not be "second choices"! Scott will get it right! :wink:


That's my thoughts exactly!
We could have had OBIE from day one.I think
mitchel is looking for someone for the long haul.

OBIE I don't think is the right choice.
you can quote me on that later if he is picked
and doesn't turn this team around. :thdn:

Thought Taman was the first choice too. So Mitchell is already looking at "second choices"

I really would like OBIE, but not this one. Maybe the Obie of 20 years ago. Kind of have a bad feeling about bringing in someone who is 69, going on 70.
If I had my way, I would pick McCarthy in a heartbeat...
And if they don't pick him, watch Mike go somewhere else & kill the Ticats...
You heard it first...
The Eagle - :thup: :thup: :thup:

(GOTC) OBIE I don't think is the right choice. you can quote me on that later if he is picked and doesn't turn this team around. Thumbs Down
I tend to agree, although, Obie did a great job in BC and for that matter, any place he has used his football skills.

My problem with the likes of Obie and for that matter, Dave Ritchie as a coordinator, is age. I'm wondering how much longer guys of their respective ages can burn the midnight oil in assembling a winning football team in Hamilton.

I also agree with an earlier theory in this thread which mentions that if Obie were indeed, the man, wouldn't he be here by now? He's been markedly available for some time now.

This brings to mind another worry.. All or most of the other CFL teams have started their campaigns for 2008. In Hamilton, we really can't get much started until we know who the coaches and managers are. Last year we made last minute moves in these areas which resulted in Taaffe having to accept leftovers as his assistants.

Lets get on with it! Florida can wait!
There is important work to be done right now. :roll:

I always felt that if a man was up to a job, he didn't have to "burn the midnight oil". He was wise enough to get the job done in daylight! :slight_smile:

Nice. If Obie was tired of the late hours he wouldnt be campaigning for the job and telling anyone who will listen he wants to work here.
So typical, TC fans second guessing the GM and he hasnt even been hired yet.Or maybe someone likes to second guess SM?

Well you never know, he is considering retiring so he can be closer to his home in Pittsburgh. So maybe this is a situation where a lateral move as a defensive coordinator wouldn't be such a bad thing.

  • paul

I really don't recall Scott Mitchell tipping his hand in any direction...at least not publicly. So far it's all rumour and speculation. (what else have we got to talk about :roll: )

Again...I don't think we will be waiting long and hopefully "this time We Get It Right" :wink:

(the "bingo" in an earlier post was referencing somebody borrowing a phrase I've used before in another thread or forum...I thought you would recognise it. Just keeping things "light") :wink:

Welcome to the Mitchell show...and there lies the problem with this organization.

you can be the best GM in the world and you're still burning the midnight oil - thats part of what makes them great GMs. Not an old man's job but if Obie says he up for it then we should give him the benefit of the doubt - for now.