G.C. tickets through Ticketmaster


Is there a worse company on this planet than Ticketmaster? I mean it didn't even bother to update the pull-down menu of seating charts for the Rogers Centre to show the correct chart. There is a chart for the Argos, but it's incorrect for the Grey Cup. I had to use the chart for the Blue Jays to sort of maybe see where my seats are. :roll:

Absolutely pathetic and disgusting. For THAT I paid a $15 per ticket "convenience" charge? How about I convenience YOU with a law suit, eh?

I HATE that company so much. I vowed a long, long time ago that I would NEVER do business with it again after fully 1/3 of the price of a ticket I purchased to a show (Norm MacDonald - hilarious BTW) was in Ticketmaster fees (including a $2 fee to print my own ticket!). Of course, there is no choice for this event. You must purchase through this B.S., gouging company.

Anybody else who still has to purchase their tickets has my sympathies.

Wish I'd known earlier you were buying Grey Cup tickets. Argo season ticket holders were given the opportunity to buy two additional tickets for each season ticket. I took the maximum allowed, but I know there was others who didn't. You could have bought through them and saved the Ticketmaster gouge PLUS had a better selection of seats to choose from.

Ticketmaster almost has a monopoly. :thdn:

It is almost impossible to get cheap concert tickets since Live Nation got involved. :roll:

My service charges for my RUSH tickets were $17 dollars , EACH. :lol:

I could buy RUSH VIP seats from only $550 , each :roll: :lol:
With VIP seats , you get a seat in the first 15 rows of the floors , a cheap T-shirt , a cheap poster , cheap fridge magnets and an new album copy. None of which are " CHEAP ".

The WALL Tour has VIP seats for over $1000 each and you get the same kind of "cheap" stuff.

I see Rush every time they play the Bay Area. In fact, they'll be here the week before I leave for Toronto. I absolutely REFUSE to purchase the tickets through Ticketmaster. I will drive 50 miles out of my way to get them at the box office instead. Even if that costs me more money. They can take their "convenience" fees and stick them where the sun don't shine for all I care.

Easily one of the worst companies in North America.

Thanks A_51. I put a deposit down on them last fall, so this was the exclusive window to buy or lose my deposit. Next time I'll be sure to ask the season ticket holders!

Moi as well rpaege. Hate TM, but got the tickets, will be there for the 100th!

I've got 4 seats:

Section 142 Row 8 Seats 103-106!

ENJOY RUSH , I have read nothing but great reviews about their new album ; so far. :thup:

They have a GREY CUP map there now. :thup:

Here's a question, not being too familiar with the Skydome.

Section 142 is under the jumbotron. Since I have endzone seats and sometimes it is hard to see plays, is there another video screen somewhere where we can view plays after?

Not sure about other area, here even if you buy tickets at the venue, it goes through ticket master and they get the ounce of flesh.

I'm not surprised by that. Fortunately that's not the case here. If you go to the box office the most you'll pay in extra fees is a couple of dollars at most and Ticketmaster has nothing to do with it. On the other had the Bay Area has the highest gas prices in the country ($4.15-4.50 gallon).

There are some small screens but nothing like the TRON , unless they will change that this year for the CUP.

They have added bigger screens at some other G.C.s

Hey! I pays to complain! :smiley:

I don't rant much, but that really rankled me. I'm glad they showed the event the respect it deserves and updated the chart. Better late than never.

sadargofan: I think he means whether there will be a screen for him to watch replays.

Aside from the JumboTron, there are no video screens, only scoreboards and advertising screens.

I purposefully searched for new seats instead of the original pair assigned to me for that reason. I'd rather be able to watch a replay.

I get that , however , they MAY , MIGHT add an extra video board as they have done for some other G.C.s :wink:

Yes it does. A lot of people don't complain to the right people.
The more people complaining to the right people [like T.M.] the better. :thup:

I just talked with my ARGO season ticket agent whom I have known for a long time.
He says that the G.C. , will easily sell out.

He also told me that some of the people who put a deposit down for G.C. tickets have never used T. BASTARD before.
T. Bastard , told these people to phone the ARGOS. So that has slowed sales down slightly. Nice service charge for nothing. :roll:

Enjoy RUSH... There are 2 things that we can agree on. :wink: :lol:

Thanks guys, let's hope they add another one video screen!

WHOOOOOO can't wait

I hope that they add one to. :thup:

For those who haven't got your G.C. tickets yet. Get them on JUNE , 1st , 2012 , while you still can. :wink: