FYI: Porter starting in Montreal..

…as expected

I’ll have an article up soon

i agree w/ the decision. What message would you be sending Porter if you benched him, especially when the coaching staff says openly that they do not approve of a 2 man QB scenario.

Thats the right call. However if Porter makes a habit of getting the hook, as in it happeneds again, then we should consider KG to start.

If you double Porters 1st half numbers he would have been 32 for 46 for 376 yards and 2 int's

Not too bad!

Q just seems to be a little bite out of sync with the offense right now. You noticed how much better the offense flowed when KG started. I don’t know what happened QP timing seemed to be much better before. :?

how many TD’s ?

And 0 TDs. That's not good. Yardage doesn't count for jack if you're not putting up majors.

Who threw the INT'S ?

He hasnt shown yet he is a starter t1 poor game 1 ok game and a 3rd not so great game, I think he needs to learn from the bench he is making a lot of mistakes and seems a step behind.

Porter seems fine out there, Glenn made several mistakes also and rushed some throws, didnt allow some plays to develop.

Porter will be fine, all the people who doubt him are just regurgitating things coach Sal says.

The funniest thing i heard all week was Dunnigan saying Adam Tafrailis should have came in the game as rthe backup lol. For whatever reason Matty really hates Glenn and might be the reason Kelly got rid of Glenn as he and Matt are good friends

Porter is a young QB, but he has poise and he's learning. If he gets pulled to get some momentum going so be it but keep throwing him into the next game. When was the last time we tried to bring a young QB along? Calvillo, dumped him for Dunigan to get to Grey Cup '96. Porter may never be Calvillo but he shows promise for something good in the future.

Cavillo was dumped for Dmac he backed up Dunnigan then became the started after his injury and was given the role the next yr but after a terribly 1st full yr of starting in hamilton dmac flutie and rl were brought in and AC was released and signed by Montreal FYI

Thanks for the FYI and correcting my fo paw...glad you were here for me

Porter needs the reps. He has the raw talent to get the job done, but needs development through a few starts and first reps in practice. With KG and KJ coaching him along, it won't be long before he's the bonafide Ticats starting QB. KG will be there along the way when he needs to be taken aside and shown what to do. That's why he was signed after all.

And 12 points vs Winnipeg's 13 which means a loss.

The smartest thing to do is to start Porter, and tell him, "if you don't score TD's, we'll put Glenn in." I think under those circumstances, Porter will score more TD's to prevent getting the hook.

We have two great QB's this year. Thank you Obie.

He would have found the endzone in the second half. He was supposed to go back in but it never happened. He needs to play to get better. You can't assume he would have done nothing in the second half. He had a similar start in the BC game and look how that turned out.

He is the future so all the arm chair coaches should leave those decisions to the real coach :lol:

The coaches made their decision today based on film study, so it stands to reason that they liked what they saw in Porter's game.

This is a good sign. The process continues.

I just wish coaches would help him out, let him go vertical to loosen things up upfront. Give him a little more time to get through the reads.

I still like him a lot. Lots of poise and real smart.

From what I saw, Porter played OK in the first half, but missed some open receivers 3 or 4 times (he threw one ball way over Davis' head). He was just a little off at times. If he made those passes, the TiCats would have probably have had more points in the first half. In 2 down, those kinds of opportunities cannot be missed too often.

Glenn came in and executed quite well (with the exception of the picks (one of them was a pretty boneheaded one, the other was bad luck)), and sure enough the TDs followed, and we put the Bombers away. He just seemed to find a way to keep the sticks moving and get the ball in the endzone. We'll never know, but Porter may have done the same in the second half.

I think they should give Porter the ball again. If he is on, he will do just fine on his own. If not, we know that Glenn is able to execute as well. Montreal will be a real test for either quarterback.

One thing for sure, our receivers are finding ways to get open, which is going to help immensely, regardless of who starts.