FYI: Canada vs. All Blacks (Rugby)

As you all know, the Grey Cup was first a Rugby trophy, and the present form of North American "Football" owes a great deal to it. As Canada's national Rugby team prepares this week to line up against the formidable New Zealand All Black's in Hamilton, NZ for what will likely be to have a good "thrashing" dealt to them, they still would like to know your watching. I'll be there, taking in all the good natured ribbing opposing fans do here; Kiwi's have great respect for the tough Canadian effort they always have historically given (with never a chance of winning). :wink:

Since it's being played in this NZ "sister" city of Hamilton (just south of Auckland), I'll be there wearing my Ticat jersey and waving my Canadian flag proudly (I'll be good, I promise, no streaking). Even though I live here in NZ (Invercargill), I still bleed the Black & Gold. This being Rugby World Cup year, I thought you'd be interested. Go Cats, Go Canada. :thup:

Jon, the KiwiCanuk(lehead)