FYB's personal alternate pick thread

I don't pick in the VGCC because I find myself often cheering for the team I picked, even if I really want them to lose.

Also I suck at it.

so I am going to make my own picks here. others welcome

week 0ne

Ottawa, because I want them to
Hamilton, because I think its time for them to win a first game
Edmonton, because I don't think Toronto is ready, if they ever will be this year
Sask, just because it seems right.

I now understand why you suck at picking winning teams. :wink:

Let me try.

Neither Als nor REDBLACKS. Neither will play well enough to warrant a victory.
Hamilton, because they have nothing else for which to cheer in the Hammer.
Argonauts. Any team to play a home game THAT far away from home deserves some consolation prize.
Saskatchewan - see Hamilton.


heh heh

Sure I'll put my picks here too FYB - Not a good start though as I'm 1-3 the same as you. And when I ask a question, I hope you'll give me an answer.

well, time for week 2. with apologies to those in the vgcc who picked the same.

Ham, because I think their week one accomplishment was better than WPG, even if they didn't win.
Cal, because if they don't, then it will mean hell just froze over
OTT, because I have no confidence in the lions
Sask, because I want Toronto to win

I like this "alternate" method of making picks FYB.

I'll go with...

Hamilton. They'll be ticked about losing to the Stamps again and will take out their frustration on a giddy Blue Bombers team.
Calgary. This game has "fried bird" written all over it.
B.C. I have no confidence in the REDBLACKS (AND HATE THEIR ALL CAPITALS TEAM NAME!!!!!)
Toronto. The coin I just tossed landed in their favour.


Three games the same as FYB - Lions (-3) over Ottawa

Damnit now I might have to check this thread before I make my picks, because FYB is terrible and if my picks match his well then! :roll:

I think FYB is Bizarro BigDave. Damn he might just start his own Bizarro VGCC contest go figure.

It's all in good fun so I hope he does not get into trouble for this. :cowboy:

I stupidly picked Winnipeg. I honestly don’t have a reason for why. With how Hamilton played Calgary last week, I should’ve picked them to win this week. That’s definitely a pick I wish I could get back.

well, don’t forget, all who are not born again saved Christians, take yer ice skates with you when you move on to the next life :o

well I guess I must have jinxed Calgary...oops

Holy cow, I actually got 2 right...go figure

well, for week 3

Ott, because I would love to see them go 3-0 and Edmonton no fun without Reilly.
Montreal, because I want them to lose.
Sask, because Glenn makes the lions wish they kept him
Cal, because if they don't win this one they is in big trouble. Maybe time for a total oline revamp

2 games the same as FYB and two different as follows below;

Edmonton - because they are getting no love from anybody. Plus, my picks have generally been bad so far, so I've got to shake it up.

Montreal - they burned me badly last week. Time to jinx them.

B.C. - because the thought of the Riders starting the season at 0-3 is just too amusing.

Toronto - I actually think Calgary will win this, but see the second line in my Edmonton pick above.


yahoooo, I got another one right. I am on a roll. Success is not going 0-4 :rockin:

I used to be a much more avid CFL fan as a kid then I am now and could actually look at a CFL schedule and know who won every single game for the current year. When I was 16 I got my sister (who was 10) to pick who she had thought won the games that were already played. It was about week 12, so the sample size was about 50 games..
She would ask the same question for each pick, and the question was what colour were the jerseys. Like if she liked blue more than green ,she would take the Argos over the riders, but she would take the stamps over the Argos because she liked red even more.
To my bewilderment she literally got like 42 right and 8 wrong... It literally left me stunned

week 4. lets see if I cant finally go 0-4

MTL - Cause I really want them to lose
ED - adequate qb at least, and too much D for Ott
sask - Lions played well but were still lucky to win it in the end. This time, its in rider country. Fairly even teams usually split b to b
WPG - just a feeling

I think the Ti-cats are hungry to get back at it this week. I would expect a blow out except Montreal's defence is too good for that to happen I think. (BTW, Brandon Banks will score another punt return touchdown. :rockin: )

I just don't trust the REDBLACKS, and I can't stand this all capitals name thing!

They CAN'T go 0-4! Especially at home this week. (Or can they?)

If they don't take a penalty on every play, they should win. The real John Cornish shows up this week.

My picks are the same as the GreyDragon.....
And also I'll add - Riders and Calgary win big in their games.

I'm going with a bit of reverse psychology this week in the VGCC... last 4 weeks I picked the Riders to win... and while the margins of defeat were small... 4pts, 2pts, 3pts and 3pts respectively... the Riders could easily be 4-0 with the proper coaching...specifically having CC give up the defensive co-ordinator duties and hiring someone else to do that job... so I'm picking them to lose...hoping that they will prove me wrong.... :?

I often bet against the team(s) I am cheering for pretty much with the same reasoning