Future Ticat!?!?

Here my boy playing ball. Right now he's 15 years old and is 6'4" about 250lbs. Nice pancake.
Oh yeh, he's QP's nephew.

Hope to see him blocking for his Uncle in 7-8 years.

Qp's nephew you just wrecked any chance your kid had ....

Its nice to be proud of you children but cum on !! show us some full highlights for hole games something to judge him on if
you want to post him ..

Just kidding about the wrecked his chance ..... :thup:

Cant wait to hear the comments after this post ....

I wish I had the video from the game this photo was from he had a great game and made some big hits and brutal pancakes.
Sorry I am just a proud father bragging about his kid.

No need to apologize at all for being a proud father. Not sure how familiar you are with online forums, but there are people (we like to call them trolls) who will post just about anything to get a little attention. I suppose you've already come across one. :wink:

Best of luck to you and your son and thanks for sharing the video (WHOLE or not).

you have to be irish with a name like yours

How cool would that be?!

Oh, you got that, few do. I'm not Irish, but my wife is.
Actually it is the license plate on my car (except the 207). When the lady at the DMV asked what it meant I told her it was a old Gaelic greeting, I just left it at that and they let me make it into a license plate. Every once and a while someone figures it out and gets a good laugh.

Pog Mo Thoin :wink:

Pog Mo Thoin like top of the day ........ kewl see ya learn sumting new every day ...

No like "kiss my ass"

lol good you explained that a little better .,,,,,lol i would have went on a trip and got punched instead of a handshake...

Yeah say it to the wrong person and i wouldn't like to see the out come :smiley: