Future Star Receiver

Anyone watching the Laval/Acadia game today, watch Ivan Birungi closely. He was a fourth round draft choice of the Als last year, and at 6'4" and over 230lbs, could be a physical force in the future for us. He was the conference MVP this past year.

That's good news, because man, our receiving corps is in sad shape.

I’ve gotta say I disagree. Sure if you compare to the last two years when we had 4 1000 yard receivers it looks bad, but we were still the only team in the CFL with 2 1000 yard receivers. Add to that Terrence Edwards and O’Neil Wilson who both came on strong at the end of the year, and we’re not looking nearly as bad as everyone thinks. Don’t forget, I didn’t even mention Anderson, who despite his effort issues, is a homerun threat on every play, and Dave Stala, who struggled with injuries all year, but is the heir apparent to Ben Cahoon. When we add Briungi and potentially Deslauriers next year, we will be deep at the position once again, even if we lose one or two of the current players.