Future Ottawa Team Should Follow Baltimore/Montreal Model.

Why not allow the next Ottawa franchise to have 0 non-imports in the first year of operations.

Remember how competetive Baltimore was. And, when they moved to Montreal, they were not forced to immediately implement the non-import rule.

The team stayed competetive and financially stable.

For Ottawa, something similar should be tried.

Year 1: 0 non-imports.

Just let the future owner assemble a team from any players that are available, anywhere other than current CFL rosters.

Allow the current CFL teams to keep all of their players.

Year 2: 6 non-imports.

Year 3: 12 non-imports.

Year 4: 18 non-imports.

Year 5: 24 non-imports - the same as the rest of the league.

First off, that’s wrong and common misconception about the relocated Stallions.

That’s what Jim Speros wanted and what initisally then-commish Larry Smith privately agreed to.

The “plan” was squashed when it became public.

It’s a non-starter just as was then.

The CFLPA wouldn’t allow it, the other teams would cry “foul” and the media would have a field day ripping it.

There’s plenty of Cdn talent out there to stock the new team.

Don’t forget that with suspension of Gades for 06, five or six Cdn players didn’t get drafted this year.

Ted Hellard, for one, has gone public recently saying the restocking draft has to be set up in such a way to make the team competitive and that inc. getting access to quality Cdn players.

CFLPA alone would stop it. Not even a chance of it happening.

But, does this mean there will be something similar to hockey's waiver draft?

Will each team protect a certain number of players?

Will the Ottawa team then grab the unprotected players from each team?

If you allow the Ottawa team to sign any players that they want, then none of the current teams have to suffer the loss of players.

even if they were allowed to use all imports, there are not enough good ones out there to be competitive without them getting some experienced CFL vets from other teams.

Why should the CFLPA be so short-sighted?

Shouldn't the prospect of adding a healthy, competetive and financially viable franchise be goal number one.

After all, the quantity of non-imports is not being decreased. In fact, within 5 years, the total number will be increased by about 24.

It is my understanding that one of their main functions or mandates is to protect the canadian quotajobs.

I am not sure what you mean.

Here is a list of the 94 and 95 Baltimore rosters.

It looks like the team was totally made up of imports.

[url=http://mywebpages.comcast.net/jstass/Stallions/rosters.html]http://mywebpages.comcast.net/jstass/St ... sters.html[/url]

If I recall correctly (someone help me on this if I don't), American CFL teams weren't subjected to the same import/non-import ratios that the rest of the league was. I imagine that if that was the case, then the ratios would have had to have been adhered to once the team relocated.

That would be correct, jm. During the US expansion years of 1993-1995, US labour laws would not permit the hiring of non-US players; thus, the franchises in Sacramento, Las Vegas, Shreveport, Baltimore, Birmingham, Memphis, and San Antonio, were allowed to hire American-only players and avoid the whole non-import rule entirely.

I agree that they should follow in Montreal example, but I don't see how changing the import rule for them is going to help.

Not to bash Canadian Talent, but you might as well just give Ottawa the Grey Cup, or fake it for them, that would be freezable, wrong and cheap cheating, but freezable.

I don't necessarily want to just give Ottawa the Grey Cup.

However, the idea is to make Ottawa competetive as fast as possible in order to win the needed fan support.

If Ottawa has to form a team with players that the other teams don't want, it may take several years before they make the playoffs.

FootbalYouBet wrote:

It is my understanding that one of their main functions or mandates is to protect the canadian quotajobs.
I'm sure that this is the CFLPA's mandate or position or whatever, even if all the universities in Canada cancelled their football programs and there were no junior programs also. I'm not saying to necessarily eliminate the Canadian quota system but everyone, and I repeat everyone, should be looking to make this league better all the time and I think that we need to look at situations like a new Ottawa franchise with some open ideas to really help make this work, even if it might mean a reduction of the Canadian quota for all teams.

Ottawa could be competative if they get the right General Manager in there to stock the team properly. I beleive part of the deal would be the existing 8 teams would only be able to protect so many players leaving a few players exposed for Ottawa to draft.

Ottawa basically has to start from scratch again, and fans there have to be patient with the new franchise to build a winner. IMO, they were very close to that before they folded, and with the right ownership, management in place, they could be competitive in a short peroid of time. Fans have to support this team, however, to give them a chance to sign quality players. If marketing is done correctly it should not be too long before a contender is built in Ottawa.

and with the owner of the 67's interested at taking the job on, Ottawa could be a contender again in no time at all.

Yes, but when they moved to Mtl, they were forced to use same number of non-imports as all other teams.

You're right, the next Ottawa franchise should use the Baltimore/Montreal model, which is to develop a good team and then move to Montreal. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ottawa fans would then partially know what it is to be connected to a real city, and could watch their team on TV on CBC once in a while. :wink:

I think that for that draft that they be at the very least allowed to rebuild the team they had before so anyone they had before should not be allowed to be protected

Not a bad I idea, but maybe have a few (6 or 8)non-imports on the team the first year. This way they could keep their draft choices and start training them to be starters down the road.