Future of Sam Giguere

Will this guy ever suit up as a Ti-Cat? It's likely his NFL odyssey will be over after this season, and he may get a superbowl ring if Indy keeps playing like it has been. Should Obie consider trading Sam's rights for another asset, like he did with Corey Mace? That deal worked out pretty well.

trade his rights for a proven CB?

I think at this point, you keep his rights, no team will trade a NI starter for a piece of paper. Also until June 2010 in does not matter one way or another.

We could play Dylan Barker at CB instead,
play Sandy Beveridge at the safety position

and keep Sam Guigere's rights.

or we could play Dylan Barker safety, and sign a guy like Jovon Johnson, and keep Giguere's rights?

Is Jovon Johnson eligibe for FA this year?

yes sir.

:o! I wonder if he has any interest in playing for a real team with a real coach.If he does, Obie should give him a call and they can discuss a nice fat paycheck :D

Just think, would kill 2 birds with 1 stone.Would get that dangerous KR/PR as well as an outstanding DB.

:lol: That would be ok but the season is over, Obie has the offseason to fix the C.b problem, Barker IMHO would have been better than the C.B,s on the 2009 roster. Ron did you notice the 2 safety set in the B.C playoff game, looks like they were trying to get the best players on the field :thup:

So he made it back on the Colts practice squad, good for him. I guess that's why he was hanging around Indianapolis after he was released from the practice squad in September. Looks like he still has a slim chance to play.

I did notice the 2 safety set in the playoff game, md,

You could be right that the Ticats were
trying to get the best players on the field

or maybe they wanted to take advange of Sandys experience getting past B.Cs O-line to get at the quarterback on blitzes

Sandy was blitzing a lot from that double safety set late in the game.

The Argos would..........

Who says that Giguere would be a starter if he comes to the CFL ? He hasnt played for 2 seasons now and just because he was on some roster in the NFL doesnt mean he can start up here . I would be interested to see how he would do up here though .

He’s been working hard on his game and getting top notch coaching from the top receiver coach in the game. I’m sure if he does ever come up he’ll be a far more polished receiver then he was 2 years ago.

Dangerous when on a team that provides blocking. However, with the Cats....not so sure.

Traded Getzlaf to Saskatchewan and he has proven to be a fine WR.

In hindsight, we should have shipped Bauman west.

Don't tamper with Canadian talent on offence.

We picked Bauman 1st over all the same draft we picked-up Getzlaf in the 5th round.
Lots of other teams including Saskatchewan could have had him. Guessing he did not grade out as well as CB.

Giguere has been added to and deleted from the Colt practice squad 15 times this year. I think we will see Sam in a TiCat uniform next year. The kid can run, catch, and play special teams but he has too many players ahead of him on the Colt depth chart. The Colts released Mike Hart, the running back from Michigan. I wonder if the Cats have any interest in him? :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Canadian O-Lineman (and former Argo 1st round pick) Dan Federkeil will tell you, it's hard to leave Indy unless they don't want to pay you a PR salary any more. Federkeil has been with Indy what...5 seasons now? And he hasn't played in a regular season game, to my knowledge. And yet some pretty big cheques keep rolling in for him. Apparently he doesn't mind not being a starter. I'm sure being with the big club in any capacity has many perks. Full stadiums. Football legends in your own dressing room. Glamour and adoration. A pretty good life. Hard to walk away from.

Wrong. DF has played in over 25 games and has even started some of those games...