Future of Danny Barrett

In 72 hours we will find out the future of Danny Barrett when he has a meeting with Eric Tillman. My question is does Barrett walk away-- or does Tillman fire him? Or does Danny decide to stay for another year?

Btw, I say he quits as coach of the Riders...

Oh, for sure he walks, imo.....he was too chummy with Shivers, and seemingly too ticked when he was passed over for GM.....add to that living in the fishbowl that comes along with playing for the Riders, and you have an unpleasant situation, for sure.....however, his family is here, and he's made a life here for the past number of years. Whether or not that plays a big enough role to sway his decision will be seen this week, perhaps.

He walks... too much pride to wait to be fired.

Bye! I'm tired of looking at that wad of gum in your face. I sure won't miss looking at that hideous sight. How rude.

I am not 100% sure what the "gum" comment is about, but if it is directed at Danny, I notice a Ti-cat logo in your post?
Now which teams in the league right now are looking for a head coach......?

Anyway, I have been saying all along Danny will resign, and now we'll find out if I am correct.
I personally will miss him as he is a class act and a good coach.
And he will likely be short listed for every HC position in the league, and I still call TO as his landing point. But he is a good fit in either Montreal or Hamilton as well.

i dont think the riders offer him the job, but allow him to walk out …so its mutual and noones image gets tarnished.

altho the riders might be smart to keep him for another year, as there are too many head coaching spots open this off season, and the riders might get stuck with the als and ticats leftovers.

This pisses me off. See during the year about a million people were asking for dudes head and saying he is a shitty coach. I said the whole time he is a good coach... Unfortunately, you cant expect him to stay when people are asking for his head all the time. I really like DB and i hope he stays, I hope he stays "to finish what was started." I dont know how likely it is tho...

I tink DB could be a good fit in Hamilton. After he departs from the Riders, it is a logical choice for the Cats.

I think the key is his family. His family loves Regina. I think he personally can take the abuse, if you will. But if he feels it is even close to getting to his kids, he will leave.

Family is the only reason he will stay.
He has kids in high school, etc.
But I think even if offered a contract (it would have to be 3 years minimum) he will be a lameduck as long as Hopson and Tillman are there.
Could you see him keeping his job if they went 0-3 next year?
And that is not the kind of situation Danny or any coach wants to be in.
The smart move for everybody is for Danny to move on.
But I will support him whatever happens.

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bring danny to toronto, he doesnt deserve all that heat he gets in regina, tillman is a snake anyways and will find ways to screw barrett. Barrett can be offensive coordinator in toronto and assistant head coach.

If this point has been addressed i apologize for beating a dead horse,but.... "CROWD NOISE".....If the Riders prepared so well for this and if when in a hurry up offense crowd noise can be a 10 yarder on the home team....then why did we not adjust .....why? ....Why the amateurish humiliating futility on the field?.....If Barrett had shown any sense of game logic sunday I'd just let him resign, But as it stands I'D RUN HIS SORRY *** OUT OF TOWN

Interesting... I dont really agree with you about running him out of town. But as far as the dealing of the crowd noise was concerned, that should have been fixed.

Let’s pretend for a moment that you are Eric Tillman.

You have just accepted a position with a one-line job description that reads “you are charged with the responsibility of turning a perennial third place (or lower) team into a Grey Cup champion and you must do it immediately because the Green and White natives are growing restless?.

You accept the position only to learn that your coach, who is publicly pouting, has pledged his allegiance to your predecessor and muses that he rightfully should have had your job because it was promised to him by the newly and dearly departed. Further, it becomes public knowledge that your predecessor – although fired three months earlier – still has input into the operation of your team via weekly telephone calls to your coach. You ask yourself three philosophical questions:

  1. What message is this sending to the players? 2. Is this Regina, a circus, or are they one and the same? 3. Is this real life, or is it a rerun of Friday the 13th where Jason gets killed but keeps coming back anyway?

So then, if you were Tillman, would you hire Danny Barrett?

Forget Tillman. Who’s to say that GM’s from other teams won’t take note of the above scenario when Danny’s resume lands on their desk? When after 7 years as a head coach, your greatest career achievement is a third place finish with no home playoff game revenue, reacting the way Barrett did to the Shivers firing is a real bonehead career strategy.

OK...The reason why the Riders have not been able to get over the hump is because the Canadian talent has been lacking the last 6-7 years. The reason the Riders sucked before that was because the American talent was not as good as it needed to be. None of this is Danny's fault.

Finally this year we saw 3 great Canadian starters emerge (Congi, Fantuz, Clovis) to add to the great American talent on the roster. I say that a few of the more overpriced americans (Nate Davis, Fred Childress, Jason Armstead)have to go and go after a few good Canadian starters via free agency (at which point you drop Jason French, Corey Grant, Kennedy Nkeyasan). Also GET A PUNTER! That will be Tillman's task and let Danny coach a team that has all the right tools in place.

He wont say good bye to Jason Armstead...

I read that Armstead is set to make $180,000 next season. The Riders cannot afford to pay that in a salary cap world. While he is a great player, he is not worth that kind of money.

Eric Tillman still wont get rid of him. Might try to get JAson to take a pay cut. But I garuantee you he wont say good bye to him.

Danny will not be back.
Press conference is on even as I type this, and DB is making a statement....