Future of CFL referees

The way the CFL referees are going and the process that it takes to get from your first days as a Minor Football Official to a CIS Official, and then getting to the CFL If you're lucky....

I do not see a bright future ahead for any chance of improvement.

there is a lack of Football Officials in Alberta. They have been for a number of years now, advertising and trying to get people to come out and be a Football Official.

seeing as their #'s are not getting any better the lack of options to choose from to graduate to more difficult positions is making things look pretty bleak.

It really does make you wonder if there are a lack of good quality officials in the Minor ranks (little kids to CIS) that some day could come up to replace the aging Officials.

Some of the guys I remember officiating with, the vets that were there for a while, doing all the PJFL games and the CIS games were for the most part pretty good. however there were a share of pretty bad officials as well.

Now I believe there are 4 or 5 of them that are in the CFL, and a couple that are no longer CFL officials.

soon.. (5years?) they will retire or move on.. and where are they going to find quality Officials in the ever dwindling #'s?

I've tried getting involved with reffing here in Saskatoon with no luck. Granted I have not tried very hard, but still... you would think when people are interested to do it and want to get involved that you would at least call them back!

Officiating can be very cliquey. If your not in the clique it can be hard to get games, move up or even get in the door. Not in every association, but it is there in every sport, especially where a sport is especially popular.

yea it was like that in the Edmonton Association, the ass kissers got further than those who did not.

It's the same way in hockey in some associations.




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It's really sad to see those of you (not all, but some) who love to beat on the CFL Officials now beating on the amateur refs...like they don't get enough crapola from Lombardi wannabees sidelines at the Pee Wee level. The vast majority of the guys/gals in stripes who work minor, HS and even above have no aspirations or expectations of moving to the CFL...they do 50, 75 and sometimes 100 games a season for the love of the game...and it has to be cause in most cases they barely get gas money. They have jobs and families and at this time of year an awful lot of football games to do...if they didn't return your one phone call maybe you should be a little more aggressive and give them the benefit of the doubt.

The real issue here should be the almost total lack of support the CFL give these amateur guys. Beyond recruiting from their ranks (and they've taken what, 10 to 12 of the best CIS refs in the past five years as they've gotten rid of all the old guys?) they give back practically nothing...certainly no support in recruiting. It's a lot like a farmer who plants the same crop year after year without fertilizing the land....and then complains when the yields fall!

You reap what you sow...and the CFL ain't doin' much planting!

I'm not getting on them.

these guys try their hardest to be referees.

I did it for 5 years and by my 5th year I was the Head Official, controlling the game.

I ended up giving up because A: i was tired of the politics involved and B: I was getting tired of doing it.

it was fun at first but It ended up being ridiculous.. and the Ass kissers were getting all the good games while the ones who refused to didn't get as many games.

I've thought about it, but then I thought that it is a substantial investment of time, and I'm already working two jobs, and I would have a whole new school of politics to deal with, and I'd have the memorize the rulebook from start to finish....so yeah...I kinda thought nah..

Officiating (any sport) is not for everybody. You gave it a shot, so you should be congratulated for that...too bad it didn't work out.