Future HOF

I was at the cathedral football game (JR) and theres a kid who has amazing hands, the kid reminds me of Calvin Johnson. Calvin like hands even when his QB makes terrible throws he comes down with the ball. Austin sign this kid now

I don't believe you can sign a high school football player:


he has to be drafted first.

Better hands than Stala?
Stala can't even get enough reps.

I’m sure he appreciates his father’s support

1st of all I'm not his father I will one day be his agent, I know they can't sign a high school kid and yes he has better ha ds than Stalla. Oh by the way smart as.ses he already has had 2 division 1 schools talk to him. And if you don't know what that means, thats 2 schools from down south and one of them just happens to be Ohio St. Just remember when he heads south that hes a grad of cathedral

Hip Hip hurrah....What do you want from us?
Your HS kid not good enough to play for the Cats. Plain and simple.
And you indicated he was a junior. Why US schools offering anything to a HS jr?

His Agent????? Really????? Golly Gee Willickers ???? Good for you!!!!!! So he has better hands than some guy named "Stalla"???
but can he catch the ball as good as Stala.....you know him don't you.....Dave Stala?? #88,not sure who this other guy you speak of "Stalla" is ??? Never heard of him before,but your hot young prospect must be good if has better "ha ds" than him.Just out of curiosity....are you Chris Williams agent as well??? Down south......that's in America,isn't it??? :roll: :?