Future Hall Of Famers?

Among current CFL players, whom do you think deserves a place in the Canadian Football Hall Of Fame?

Obviously, Anthony Calvillo is a no-brainer. But, off the top of my head, I would also put Geroy Simon in there when he retires, as well as Doug Brown.

I’d love to hear your opinions/rationale for other names.

Certainly I’d agree with yours and I’d put Joffrey Reynolds on the list as well the obvious choice of Ben Cahoon.

We are in an era of many players who will be considered.

I’ll look but is Tom Wilkinson in there? He was such a backbone of the Eskimo resurgence and dominance. Classic case of right guy, right league, right team, right time.

Yes, I agree Flag. Cahoon and Reynolds for sure! I am thinking that if Nik Lewis keeps up his pace, he will enter the Hall as well.

I think that you need to really make a mark on this league to even be considered as an entry into the Hall of Fame.

no offense but I don't think the Reynolds YET is a shoe-in for the Hall.

there are players like him that haven't made it in.

lets see how many more years he's in the CFL and then we can decide.

How about Danny McManus? I think because he's still doing work as a Ti-Cat coach/scout that he doesn't qualify for induction but I'd like to seem him get in.

Being an active coach or scout doesn't disqualify a person from going in as a player. They just have to be retired for a certain number of years (5 I think).

Flag, Tom Wilkinson was inducted in 1987.

Of players who have recently retired/stop playing, Milt Stegall is an obvious choice and I'd like to see Charles Roberts inducted into the HoF as well. Barrin Miles and Mike O'Shea could be candidates.

Of players still active, I would guess Ricky Ray's stats are good enough to get him in the Hall.

Thanks Blue Blood…Ya I looked it up and saw that Wilkinson was in. I had forgotten.

Your right players have to be retired for 5 years. No barrier if they are coaching or in management.

Gene Makowsky OL from Saskatchewan will get in I would guess when he retires which I think he just announced. a lock.
Yup Barrin Miles too of those retired. You think Charles Roberts hey? hmmmm…

Over 10,000 yards rushing in his career - 5th leading rushing all-time - I think that qualifies.

cflisthebest, I don't know what you have against Joffrey Reynolds (other than he's not a Rider :wink: ). Reynolds is currently the 9th leading rusher all-time. If he has another 1,000 yards rushing in 2011 then he'll move to 6th place. His numbers are certainly HoF worthy.

Well themnwhy the heck isn't Danny Mac in the Hall? I mean he's the 3rd in All-Time passing yards next to Calvillo and Allen and the highest in Tiger-Cats all time passing. He was the 1999 CFL MOP, he won the Tom Pate Memorial Award for civic engagement and his post CFL career has been as a QB coach and talent scout for the Cats. A clear standard of excellence and dedication for the game.

As a side note, I'm so glad that Farve wasn't able to break Damon Allen's record. Hopefully he's done.

He last played in 2006 so he’s not yet eligible. whether he gets in or not is another matter.

McManus was a very popular player but based on stats he was a very mediocre QB. Stats are not everything but clearly they must be used as a measuring stick.

Longevity was on his side with 17 years but his career QB rating was 76 with only one season in the 90’s, completion average just 54% and he threw 22 more interceptions than touchdowns. Great guy evidently but less than average numbers. Shockingly poor actually.
He did win a cup and was MVP of the game but Marcus Crandall did the same as well.
So I doubt he’ll get in.

So of players who played in 2010, could we include the following as potential Hall Of Famers? (subjective I know, but I've ranked them from "shoe-in" to "probable"):

Anthony Cavillo
Ben Cahoon
Geroy Simon
Doug Brown
Ricky Ray
Joffrey Reynolds
Brent Johnson

...you forgot Keith Shologan.....oops, I forgot this wasn't an online voting procedure...

Active players:

Anthony Cavillo
Ben Cahoon
Geroy Simon
Doug Brown
Ricky Ray
Joffrey Reynolds
Henry Burris (probably not a popular choice, but he's climbing the career yardage ladder)
Paul McCallum
Gene Makowsky
Barrin Simpson
Arland Bruce III

I think if either Nik Lewis or Jermaine Copeland play a few more seasons and stay healthy and get over the 10,000 career receiving yard marks they'll likely get in as well. I look at Brent Johnsons numbers and he's not a shoe in yet in my opinion, a few more solid years and he's in though.

I'm curious how people feel about Tucker. He wasn't in the league long due to injury, but when he was, he was pretty good. He was an All-Star for a few years, won a couple Grey Cups, has a Grey Cup MVP trophy.

active players?

i can only think of a couple..

anthony calvillo... obviously
doug brown... beast and canadian at that.
ben cahoon... that kills me because he's really not canadian but he has played his whole career in mtl so that means something this day and age, plus his stats are pretty good. i think him and ac should go in together.

yes i realize u dont have to be canadian, i just am not a fan of tsn verbally masturbating the fact that cahoon is canadian eventho he's rreally not.

Geroy Simon? im not sure about... he's dropped off abit.. if u gonnna put geroy in there, u might aswell say arland bruce aswell.

thats about all i can think of..

if reynolds gets to lets say top 5 rushers of all time, put him in, if not... nope. just i dunno, if u start putting guys like that in, then really if cory boyd has 2 more good years, he could go in too.

u gotta be top 5 running back to go in. reynolds isnt...yet.

Ricky Ray i think also... but again, im not exactly sure how u can put ray in but dont put in guys like dave dickenson or jeff garcia.

past players... no doubt charles roberts if he can be found... definately deserves recognition, bombers tried to get ahold of him last year for their celebration they had but he couldnt be reached.. dudes i dunno.. vanished really.

dave dickenson like i mentioned above, jeff garcia also

thats really about all i can think of..

barrin simpson? nahhh, it opens up to many possibilities then... basically what your saying there is if u play a long time, put up alot of tackles but really dont do much else.. u get in... it opens it up to too many average guys with decent stats to get in.. heck u put simpson in... why not chip cox then also in a few years cuz dudes the best linebacker in the league..

brent johnson? not in doug browns league so... i dont think so, give him a few more good years... sure. but not yet.

of past and present olineman... if i had to say 1 guy.. it would be the dude who retired from montreal last year. That guy was solid.

The Bombers know where Charles Roberts is. He just isn’t ready to be honoured.

Killer, Bruce is doing amazing right now so I don't know who your watching.He missed 2 or 3 games last year and switched teams and STILL almost finished as the league's leading receiver.This year he missed the last 2 games otherwise he was guaranteed to have it this year as well.Not to mention his 16 or 17 catch game with 260+ yards.

@TheKillerIsMe: Bryan Chiu you mean....should be considered also for CFL HOF, he retired in June 2010.

For Simon, he's about the only active player right now that can beat Stegall yards record within the next 2 years if he stays healthy.

i think ricky ray should go in the day after he retires. should rob murphy go into the hall?