Future Grey Cups

Well Sunday's game sure was a classic. But it got me thinking about a recent thread asking what the best Grey Cup ever was. Some popular choices were '89, '94, '87. What is common amoung these games? Domes. Now I'm not gonna argue that all Grey Cups should be played in domes. But it does beg the question - would the game on Sunday have been as good a contest if it were played in Winnipeg, Regina or (worse yet) Edmonton? I doubt it. Personally I love having the big game come to my hometown, but does the almost certain adverse weather conditions take away from the game itself?

no the cfl, is known for the cold weather,,,,, thats why we ;play late in the season it wouldnt be the same without snow

Agreed, but Sunday's game had no snow, cold or wind. And many people are saying it was the best EVER.

Hey My son says its snowing in Vancouver today.....See if Grey Cup was today, we'd have snow......on top of the roof! LOL

As someone who likes siieng the greycup in every city, I definetly would be against the dome every year thing. But on the other hand, its a lot easier to enjoy the game in a t-shirt with two beer in my hands, then in long johns, a huge jacket, toque, and a thermos of hot chocalte and baileys.
Man that was a fun game to be at.

That maybe true, but I'd be against having all grey cups in a dome, and I doubt that having it in a dome would make the quality of the game any better, though that is strange coincidence. I love going to games at Commonwealth stadium, cold or warm, though I agree that warm games are better, to me, nothing beats a hot game in the middle of July. However, the GC I went to in 2002 was one of the most enjoyable football experiences for me and it was friggin' cold. If Edmonton ever gets a dome stadium, I'll be pretty sad.

Since this is title "Future grey cups" I'll post my predict for the future GC here.

2008: Edmonton, no doubt, the league will be celebrating it's 50 anniversary that season and there is no place better to have the GC than in the city of it's flag ship team (much to most every others fans dismay). Commonwealth is a great stadium.
2009: Hamilton
2010: Calgary
2011: Montreal (Big O or Molson, that whole mess could hurt them), Ottawa, or maybe Halifax?
2012: Toronto: they gotta get 100th baby, nothing else maks sense
2013: Regina
2014: Ottawa or Montreal

Regardless of indoor or outdoors it was a great game.
One memorable Grey Cup game was in 1962 when a fog rolled in from Lake Ontario during a Winnipeg Hamilton game. Grey Cups used to be played on a Saturday and the whole game was repeated on TV on Sunday. The play had to be stopped and finished the next day as the fog was too thick to play in.
The indoor stadiums are larger and hold a bigger crowd, but Winnipeg and Regina deserve a Grey Cup game also.

The GAME is the thing, whether indoors or outdoors.

it is strange that hockey, the winter sport, is played indoors. HHMMMmm.

Either way, Canadian Football is a great national sport.