Future Grey Cups...

I know this year its in Vancouver, than next year in Winnipeg(don't count on it being a home game bomber fans), but does anyone know about 2007? Should be back east. Who would be opposed to playing it out in Halifax? Obviously a lot of money would have to go into it, because that stadium doesn't seat much, but it'd be cool to party down east.

Someday. 2008? No chance. They have no team yet, and at this point don't know that they're even getting one.

Probably in the new team's first or second year of operation they'll have the championship game there.

Here's an Idea;
How about building a centrally located stadium in Canada just for the Grey Cup that gives no team home field advantage, and allows fans to travel the same distance from almost anywhere. Could be called "Grey Cup Stadium". And the location could be.....say......Baker Lake in Nunavut? :?:

Here is my rough prediction (subject to chage)

2007: Quebec City
2008: Halifax
2009: Victoria
2010: Moncton
2011: Thunder Bay
2012: Toronto (the 100th Cup must be hosted in Toronto, no question)
2013: Anchorage, Alaska
2014: Regina
2015: Calgary
2016: Newfoudland
2017: St. John, New Brunswich
2018: Sudbury

alaska isnt even in canada. so no. moncton, thunder bay, sudbury, st john and newfoundland are all stupid.

The cup should only be hosted by the teams in the CFL. Like this year is in Vancouver and next year is in Winnipeg. Just makes sense. As for the future, only time can tell.

I was mostly kidding. But I seroius about Torontofor the 100th, Regina and Calgary somewhere down the line, and I'd like to see the Cup in other Non CFL cities like Halifax, Moncton, QC, Victoria, etc. IF they can do them. But the only real Non CFL city that can do it is QC or Kingston (whwich last hosted the Cup in 1930 something).

Most likely TO for the 100th and probably makes the most sense.

Ottawa could be the other option, since it will be 6 years since they last hosted. Plus, with it being a major milestone for the CFL, makes sense to have it in Canada's Capital.

Honestly, I don't care too much where future Cups are played, as long as the 'Gades get in one soon.

Each Team Should Have It Once Per Decade, In The 90s Every City That Was In The League (Not Counting The US Teams, Ottawa, Or Montreal) From 1990 To 1999 Got The Grey Cup Game At Least Once. So Therefor It Should Be Toronto In 2008 And Hamilton In 2009. Then In 2010 It Would Be Out West, Maybe Edmoton Or Calgary, 2011 Perhapes Ottawa Again, Setting Up A 2012, Hundredth Aniversery Grey Cup In Toronto.

As Far As A Neutral Site Goes, London Would Be The Best Location Simply Because It's Got A Large Stadium In The University Of Western That Could Easily Be Converted Into A Grey Cup Capacity Stadium.

Ain’t possible
someone woulf travel across the street and others 1500 miles

I just don’t get this… :shock:

Actually i was just kidding (couldn’t u hear the humor in my typing??) :lol:


The Centre of the Universe! Very appropriate! Central location!

No, keep it as it is.

My Neighbour makes the Trek each year and tells me all his great stories. You need the Cold In Edmonton, Regina and Winnipeg as well as the Big market Vancouver and Toronto's. The game has to keep moving around. Each city does a great job of hosting. Look at the temp. seats that Regina and Winnipeg added to hold the event.
The Grey Cup is the last of the Great Canadian traditions. To be shared with our Canadian brothers in each CFL city.

(Sportsmen stands up, and starts to sing O'Canada, the cat howls and runs away to hide under the bed, the dog puts his paws over his ears....)

What the hell you are smoking… you appear to have left Ottawa off your list.

Oh by the way… 2012’s cup will be somewhere toronto will never be… the capital city of this glorious nation we call CANADA!

By 2012, Toronto may have won their petition with the US government to be the 53’rd state after Porto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Then all we’ll need to do is break Toronto off and it will float across Lake Ontario to New York.

What was his name again? Mel Lastman NOOOOOOBODY!

Halifax will need a team before they can host the Cup .... but whenever an expansion team comes in, they'll be hosting the Cup 2 or 3 years later. It's always part of the deal.

2007 should be in Toronto, we haven’t had it in so long.

I don't care what you Toronto bashers want to say......the 100th Grey Cup should be in Toronto. No doubt about it. That's where the First Grey Cup was, and that's where the 100th will be.

i don’t know how you can say that about winnipeg when in the cfl theams can go 2-16 one year then 16-2 the next.

or to save money, every year just play in winnipeg. it would help buy a new stadium that badly needed in winnipeg