Future Grey Cups - Host City

City Host Future
Toronto 2016
Vancouver 2014
Hamilton 1996
Montreal 2008
Ottawa 2017
Calgary 2009
Edmonton 2010
Winnipeg 2015
Regina 2013

Ottawa could be a real success, so my vote is for Montreal (Olympic Stadium) in 2018. Might as well keep the momentum moving, and it will be 10 years since it was last held.

Then ship it out to Alberta for 2019 and then Regina in 2020.

Ottawa obviously next year, booked and pumped already. I hope Calgary as they are do should be next out west.

Regina needs more hotels before hosting again.

Hamilton and Montreal will be do in the east.

Vancouver is always high on my list.

Hamilton needs to take top spot , I would hope.

I have a friend in Burlington , who is familiar with Hamilton.
He says the big problem is the residential location. Logistics and all.

Regardless, I am sure they would make it work.

Now that the OLY is fixed up, the CFL would love to have 2 domed stadiums to use.
Which the CFL looks like they want Vancouver every 4 to 6 years on average.

Even though Regina has a new stadium, I would think they are out of the loop for a while. 2013 is still very recent.

I would think Calgary or Edmonton would be due soon.

Yet all of this depends on bidding.

My speculation :

2020 - CALGARY
2022 - REGINA

If I get 3 years correct, I will consider my speculation a success.

My stab,

2018 - Regina. They'll want it in the new stadium but give it a year first. Due to be back in the west
2019 - Hamilton. They'll work out whatever kinks by then.
2020 - Edmonton. Overdue
2021 - Montreal. If they can make it work with the roof for the Impact they can for the Grey Cup.

On deck after that but no specific date.

Calgary - One the new stadium opens, should it happen
Vancouver - Once Braley sells the team and hopefully the new owners don't host until their 3rd year at the earliest. Don't make the same mistake as Toronto.

Grey Cup isn't going to happen in Montreal anytime soon without fixing the roof to the tune of 220 million. There is over 660 tears in the roof. The stadium isn't considered safe if there is 3 cm or more of snow on it. The difference between hosting a MLS game there and the Grey Cup is the time frames. If there would have been enough snow on the roof to cause cancellation they had almost 6 days to get that game played something that can't happen with the Grey Cup. The CFL already stated that fact a couple of years ago that there would be no grey cup at the Big O until the roof is fixed or replaced.

I am sorry, did I misread something ?

I thought they had the roof fixed. :?

I recall a link.

They have an improved roof heating system and it worked well for the Impact/TFC game.
MTL got 5 to 9cm of snow and there was no accumulation on the roof.

[b][i] "RDS reported Monday that the Olympic Installations Board (OIB) said a heating system to melt the snow functioned properly and there was no accumulation on the roof, meaning Tuesday’s game can go ahead as planned.

About five centimetres of snow fell in Montreal Sunday night and Monday morning and another 2-4 centimetres were in the forecast for Monday with a high of minus-2C."[/i][/b]

[url=http://montrealgazette.com/sports/soccer/mls/montreal-impact/despite-snow-impact-gets-green-light-for-big-o-playoff-game]http://montrealgazette.com/sports/socce ... ayoff-game[/url]

2018 - Regina
2019 - Hamilton
2020 - Edmonton
2021 - Ottawa
2022 - Winnipeg (or Calgary if new stadium built there by then)
2023 - Toronto (150th anniversary of Argos)
2024 - Calgary (or Winnipeg if Calgary got 2022)
2025 - Vancouver
2026 - Hamilton
2027 - Regina

Won't go to Mtl because no stadium big enough. I don't think they will take their chances with the Big O's roof -- a huge dump of snow could render the game unplayable.


2017 - Ottawa
2018 - Regina ( back in the West after 2 years in the East)
2019 - Hamilton
2020 - Edmonton
2021 - Winnipeg
2022 - Montreal ( East after 2 in the west plus roof fixed )
2023 - Toronto (150th anniversary of Argos)
2024 - Calgary ( hopefully a new or renovated stadium )
2025 - Vancouver

I know there will be some who don't like my idea, or who just simply disagree with it. But I believe that you could put it in potential cites every so often. Before you kill or shoot the idea down, hear me out first. I have spoken with the company and a couple of it's engineers that built the Temp stadium that was Empire. And you could have made it to accommodate 45 - 60 thousand depending on config. Also Empire was built to last 10 years, so you could put one in a city and have it last for 10 years and begin as a 45-60 thousand seater then collapse to a 30 thousand seater afterwards.
So say Halifax could host a Grey Cup instead of say Montreal seating 45 - 60K then collapse it into 30K for the team moving forward. Empire cost 14 Million so say for arguments sake the 45-60 cost 20 million. You now have a stadium for 10 years to play in and build your team, to have the permanent one built for year 11.


Using a temp stadium in neutral sites is an out of the box idea and they can start conversations for sure.

Two big question marks come to mind

  1. If it's a neutral site, who would be determine as the host and more importantly the committee formed to go along with it? I just can see any owner wanting the revenues to go to someone who is not currently in the club.

  2. If the temp stadium can be scaled down what kind of facilities in terms of suites, premium seats, large concessions and signage options can be put in for a small cost. These would be the things, the would attract the corporate dollars and really drive the revenues to make a team in a new location (or anywhere) to keep the new team viable - Does 20 million or so allow that? Otherwise, it sets up a team for failure after an initial windfall, especially if the government and private sector is not on board to make the upgrades needed for long term success.

2018 will probably go out West, so I'd like to see Edmonton
2019 - Hamilton (Tigers 150th Anniversary)
2020 - Regina
2021 - Should be Montreal, if they can ever fix the Big Owe, but if that doesn't happen = Calgary
2022 - BC or Calgary (depending on 2021)
2023 - Toronto (Argonauts 150th Anniversary)
2024 - BC or Calgary (depending on '21 and '22)
2025 - Halifax (Hopefully they'll have a team by 2021 lol)

Orridge said they are going go to bidding for the game.

ie. $ will get the game
The game wouldn't necessarily rotate around to all 9 cities (so each team can get a windfall $7-10m) anymore.

Cities will bid. Most of the $$$ will go to the league. Tighter profit margin for Organizing committee. bids might eventually go for breakeven to get economic activity the game generators

For example:
buy grey cup from the league for $4m.
team takes financial risk and makes $7-10milion
requires perfect rotatation among all 9 markets in order for everyone to participate in windfall every 9 years

Future - bidding process:
team/city buy grey cup from league for $13m
team takes financial risk and maybe only makes $0-2M
all teams share in windfall every year.

Well Mightygoose I was thinking that the League would have an owner/group lined up like there is in Halifax now and have them as the host. And you can have all the amenities and luxury boxes you need, the price just goes up. The facilities, concessions etc can be built in unlike Empire as Empire was for one Season and a bit only. You can also make it look good with exterior wraps and or construct.

Well I would say Ottawa next year is going to be a big success, I started looking for a hotel room to-day , in the downtown core and let me tell you it was not an easy task to find one at a reasonable cost for grey cup week.

Some available still for 300 dollars plus , and some in Gatineau or at the airport , but close to the action , a decent one, is a hard to find . Fortunately I found one and did not have to break the bank for 5 nights right close to all the going on's. Just sayin !

2018 - Edmonton. They haven't hosted since the renovations in 2013 and there is no more bench seating. Edmonton also has a good team right now and have a good chance to be a playoff team by then.
2019 - Hamilton. According to Drew Edwards, the earliest that Hamilton could host would be 2019 due to stadium issues. The rotation fits well with east and west and as we all know, Hamilton is overdue.
2020 - Saskatchewan. This will be the fourth year with their new stadium in place and it will be a good showcase for the league. Any kinks in stadium operation should be worked out by now.

I would like to see a return to an east-west rotation every year, but with Toronto sucking and Montreal's stadium having problems, I don't know if that's feasible. If Toronto can rebuild its fan base and price tickets fairly, then it should go back to them in a fair rotation. The crowd at Sunday's game was awesome, but I'm uneasy with how much papering was going on there.

The thing is! Edmonton won't want it until their city downtown is completed. They will want to use the new area under construction for the Grey Cup Festival.

They won't want the Grey Cup in the East for 3 straight seasons so 2018 will likely be a Western city.

Calgary is the likely place (although with such a crappy stadium they shouldn't get it) for 2018 then 2019 Hamilton, 2020 Edmonton, 2021 Montreal, 2022 Regina

But personally, I'd like to see Regina get 2018

I agree that Regina should host a cup sooner rather than later. I'd be fine with 2018, but hopefully it will be before 2022 since the novelty of that great new stadium will somewhat have worn off by then.

If the CFL is implementing a bidding system, it should still be a hybrid rotation(with an attempt to go back and forth east and west), to limit the number of times a city hosts.

Since we have 9 teams, and you host a grey cup. At least 6 teams should be host before you can bid again. That would leave 3 sites to have possible bids, in case a site in the rotation does not want to bid, or has a poor bid.
Example: This is just based on the last two hosts
2015 Winnipeg
2016 Toronto
2017 Ottawa
2018 Edmonton
2019 Hamilton
2020 Regina
2021 Montreal (if they can)
2022 Calgary (Additional Bids could be from BC/Winnipeg)
2023 BC (Bids could be from Winnipeg/Toronto)

So the earliest Winnipeg could bid again would be 2022 and Toronto could bid again at 2023.
Also, as long as a team is bidding, they will get at least 1 Grey cup within 10 years.