Future Grey Cup Games

Could anyone please explain to me how the site for the Grey Cup game is chosen? Does a presentation have to be made by a city in the CFL, or is there some formula the league goes by to choose the site? It seems quite arbitrary to me, so if anyone know please educate me since I have no clue how this is done.

i'm guessing it's random, they don't allow one city to get it too often, but the best city available gets it

There's only 9 teams in the CFL so it can't be that hard to pick.

winnipeg will host next year. Either Ham, TO, or Montreal will get 2007.

TO is depinatly getting the 100th GC.


The board of governers (the owner or representative of each team) examine the candidacy of every team who asked to host the Grey Cup. They tend to try to balance the selection between the East and the West.

If, when you host the Grey Cup, you kinda screw up - like it was the case last time Winnipeg was in charge (the stadium wasn't full)- it takes more time before you are awarded another Grey Cup game.

I believe that when Ottawa made a bid to rejoin the league, one of their condition was to be awarded the Grey Cup game within three years. The board of governors wanted the expansion so they said yes and Ottawa got it last year.

It will be interesting who gets the 2007 game, hopefully we in Hamilton get it, it would be great for the city here and Montreal had it just a few years ago and Toronto, well, that is a different story altogether.

okay i will do my duty and defend the peg on this one third. winnipeg did not screw up the last cup in winnipeg. this was the year that cfl interest hit an all time low and winnipeg was still enduring the jr era meaning the lowest interest in the city ever. CFL interest was so low that no city even wanted to host the cup. finally the league asked winnipeg to do it because the previous winnipeg hosted cup in 91 was such a success in generating interest. so winnipeg agreed to host it last minute even though they did not have a proper group to get it together or the time to adequately overcome the challenges. so yes it looked like a poor effort. the fact that winnipeg hasn't hosted for a while is because the league attempts to spread the game around and it hasn't been our turn until next year. and next year wil be a success in wpg esp if management smartens up and does something to make the blue a legimate team again. if they continue on the way they have this year we will require more participation from outside of the province to fill the stands but i suspect it will be a non issue because cfl interest has increased since the late 90's

Regina is pushing hard for the 100th Grey Cup as well. Despite living in Regina, I think it would be cool to go back to its roots in Toronto as long as the city got behind it. If not, then come to Regina. The 2003 and 1995 Grey Cups were amazing parties in town, it was incredible.

If the 100th is in Toronto, and it probably will be.. they better damn well do a good job with it.. because lord knows if you gave it to any of the prairie teams it would be sold out well ahaed of time and they'd do an awesome job... so if Toronto does any less, there'll be a whole heap of criticism headed east down the 1A.

I think it will come down to either toronto or edmonton getting the 100th grey cup, as both can arguably be considered the most successful franchise in the history of the cfl. if edmonton does get the 100th, i know that it will EASILY sell out 62,000, maybe more if theres temporary seating.

Toronto had the first and should get the 100th
Then again if Athens didn't get them 100 years after they restarted the olympics--------

Edmonton had it in 02 and Sask in 03, neither teams should get it till at least 2010 in my opinion.
Here is an option for the next 8 years that I would love.

06- Wpg
07- tor or ham
09-ham or tor (whichever didn't get in 07)

alternates between the east and west. and nobody gets screwed. If on the odd chance a 10th team comes in then that city should get it the year after they enter.

ro1313 as much as I am a big Argo fan, season ticket holder for the past 15 years and despite the CFL climate which has improved ever so slightly here in the Center of the Universe, I am not so sure it would be a good idea for the time being. The crowds have improved considerablly under the current ownership, but I would wait until we start averaging around 35,000 before considering. All it takes is the left wing Toronto Star to run a front page article like today about that clown Godfrey and the NFL, and everything good achieved is suspect again. Like the old one step forward and two back. I therefore beleive our wonderful Grey Cup would be "lost" like the last time here.

There was talk in Montreal to have the GC in 2008, might even be in 2007, since 2005 & 2006 will be hosted by Western Teams.

Billy_Soup, just a thought: would I be the owner of an expansion team, I wouldn't want to host the Cup on the year following my introduction to the CFL. Because:

1- My staffing would probably not be fine tuned enough to put up such a big event yet.
2- Screwing up is the best way not to be considered again in years to come.
3- My chances of playing home in the big game would be about nil.

I'd prefer to host it three years after my team appeared. My team would probably not be a favourite to get in the GC game, but at least my staff would better know what they do and might have better chances of making a memorable event.

And, in an unrelated note, I don't see why Montreal would have to wait 10 years to host the game once more (that's what you sid in your predictions). In 2001, the Grey Cup party was a success for a complete week before the game, and 63 000 people attend the Calgary vs. Winnipeg game.

Now that you make those points 3&10 I agree with you. they should wait. Didn't really think about it like that.
And I agree the mtl grey cup was fantastic, and your right they probably don't have to wait 10 years. but they should wait 9 in my opinion. I think the whole roster of cities should be gone through before it comes back to a city.

Billy, under your theory there would be a fixed rotation of who gets to host each year. I am of the opinion that if a city does a fantastic job of hosting they should be entitled to host their next Grey Cup sooner rather than later. I also think that just because a team does a crappy job hosting, this doesn't mean that they should have to wait forever to be awarded another Grey Cup. With a 9 team league, I think that the maximum time a team should have to wait should be 11 to 12 years.