Future CFL

2007: Halifax is a awarded the 2014 Commonwealth Games and construction begins on a state of the art stadium.

2008: Ottawa is re-enstated as the 9th team in the Canadian Football League. The NFL plays its first regular season game in Toronto. Games are played in Toronto every 3 years, as it alternates with England and Germany. The NFL is beneficial to the CFL as the only way to get an NFL ticket is to buy Argos tickets.

2009: Construction finishes on Halifax's stadium and the Atlantic Storm become the 10th team in the CFL.

2012: Canada is awarded the 2018 FIFA World Cup and contruction begins on 9 world-class stadiums accross the country. The pride of the lot is a 70,000 seat stadium in the Greater Toronto Area that will play host to the 2018 World Cup FInal game. The 100th Grey Cup is held in Toronto and the Argonauts enjoy an average home attendance of 40,000 spectators per game, the highest since the 1980s.

2015: Construction on the new stadiums in complete, and the CFL's popularity soars to unprecedented hights. Toronto sells out every game the first year in the new stadium, and the league enjoys an average attendance of 42,783. Quebec City become the 11th team in the CFL, upon completion of their 300 million stadium and every game between Montreal and Quebec City sells out. Molson Stadium is a thing of the past and the Als are now proud to call the 55,000 seats Desjardins Park their home.

2016: People south of the border begin to take notice in the CFL's new-found popularity and ABC premieres its CFL Game of the Week that is shown every Saturday Afternoon.

2017: The CFL's salary cap is now $15 Million. They expand back to the US with 11 new teams. All of them play in stadiums that are either built for the CFL or retrofitted for CFL Sized fields. Becuase of US Labour Laws, the salary cap for the new CFL USA is $12 million, $3 million lower than the CFL's itself. ABC signs a new TV deal for the exclusive rights to CFL USA for $120 million. In Canada, the CFL is shown on TSN and CTV and they make $60 million a year from that. The CFL's new format has no interconference play between CFL and CFL USA teams by the request of ABC, who wouldn't want to lose viewers because of presence of Canadian teams. In it's first year, CFL USA has an average attendance of 37,462 fans and appears to be on the rise.

2019 The Hartford Whalers are the first CFL USA team to win the Grey Cup, which now alternates between being played in Canada and the US.

2025 The Blue Jays relocate to Las Vegas after 3 straight seasons of averaging an abysmal 15,000 fans/game in the now archaic SkyDome.

2030 The CFL is extremely huge in both Canada and the US. CFL bashers are a thing of the past. The still-living Paul Godfrey is insane, and spends his days pounding the walls of his room in the Asylum, uttering the same three letters "C-F-L" over and over again.

Just one problem. The CFL is never going back to the United States..

and Canada won't get the Fifa world cup ever.

u forgot winnipegs new stadium ( Aspers )finished for the '08 season.

NFL will never benifet the CFL.

a team in halifax won't be called atlantic storm.

pretty much everything u predict from 2012 and on is way off the mark.

Keep writing like this and you will become more famous than Harry Potter.

And he left one item out:

2021: Damon Allen announces his retirement.

Does your mother know what you are doing? I'm worried for you. Kanga wasen't even this strange.

(of course, that is ignoring the Pampers incident - i still cant explain that one)


Didn't the NFL bail out the CFL with a few million dollars (I don't recall if it was a grant or a loan) several years ago (not too long after the CFL's failed US expansion)?

I can see the NFL helping the CFL so long as they don't consider the CFL a threat (which they have no reason to for the time being). The NFL probably views the CFL as a useful minor league for developing talent. I could see the NFL making tickets for an NFL 'International Series' regular season game in Toronto available to Argos season ticket holders first (after the 'home' team's fans, of course, assuming the NFL continues to use a team's home date for these games*). From the NFL's prespective, this would help support the useful (for the time being) CFL while also perhaps muting the outcry from those who see the NFL as invading the CFL's turf.

  • -- Regarding their 'International Series', I think the NFL should expand their regular season to 17 games by adding a neutral site game for each team (shorten pre-season). This way they can stage pretty much as many 'International Series' games as they want (and can also have some games in neutral sites in the States (e.g., LA, San Antonio, etc.)). It would let them market themselves like they want to and avoid creating imbalance in the home-away schedules. Here's a link to something I posted on this before (with more details than you probably care to read):


pretty much everything u predict from 1012 and on is way off the mark
you mean he failed history too???

The CFL is extremely huge in both Canada and the US. CFL bashers are a thing of the past. The still-living Paul Godfrey is insane, and spends his days pounding the walls of his room in the Asylum, uttering the same three letters "C-F-L" over and over again.

LMFAO 5 thousand times! Good one TIMH. :thup:

....an active imagination is a good thing TIMH, nicely written....

....The only thing to add is:

2007 to 2012: The Calgary Stampeders win an unprecedented six consecutive Grey Cups to surpass the previous record of five consecutive title wins by their provincial rivals the Eskimos. In an unusual parallel, in the same time period the Calgary Flames win four Stanley Cups to match the Cup total of the Oilers. Calgarians and Edmontonians find they have nothing to argue about anymore.

.....I still have nightmares about this one....

I was bored one night last week and decided to do an unscientific scan of topics on this site that had to do with expansion, stadiums since the Grey Cup game. It was actually less than I expected ... must be that they are nausiating without volume. Anyways, by my count, there were 53 so that makes this one 54.

Having said that, this one was kinda original, maybe even entertaining, but accurate??? I dunno, man ...

Good creative writting TMH. jm02 should give you an "A".

Do the Riders ever win a greycup? lol :lol: :frowning:

Only in a re-run.

Now stop picking on the Rider faithful 2079 isn’t that far away! :wink:

Sorry to burst the bubble but Halifax dropped out of the Commonwealth games race saddly.

On the Plus Side Winnipeg should have a new Stadium by 2009.

Quebec could upgrade Laval Stadium to 30K, unlikely to happen but that could and then Add Quebec/Ottawa. Ottawa for 2008 and Quebec for 2009 or 2010.

Get a nice fat Deal from CTV/TSN(something that averages to 2M per CFL team)

The way it's going Winnipeg will have a new stadium by 2029. On the plus side I'll get to see a game there for my 48th bday :smiley:

I wish people were a bit more decisive.