Future CFL/NFL Stars in Action: 2016 International Bowl

If you want to watch Team Canada in some live football action, the 2016 International Bowl is now being played! There were two Canadian games on Sunday with more games on Wednesday and Friday. All games are televised on ESPN3 and live-streamed at US Football/Youtube.

Sunday, Jan. 31
6 p.m. CT
Canada Under-18 National vs. U.S. Under-19 Select


Sunday, Jan. 31
3 p.m. CT
U.S. Under-19 National vs. Canada Under-19 National

(Note: There is no sound for the first 45 min.)

Wednesday, Feb. 3
7 p.m. CT
U.S. Under-18 National vs. Canada Under-18 National

Friday, Feb. 5
1 p.m. CT
U.S. Under-16 Select vs. Alberta Under-16

Friday, Feb. 5
4 p.m. CT
U.S. Under-18 Select vs. Ontario Under-18

Friday, Feb. 5
7 p.m. CT
U.S. Under-17 vs. Ontario Under-17

The U18 club looked fantastic the other night. Looking forward to seeing them again tonight.

Thanks for posting this Xvy. Some good prospects on the Canadian Under 18 team.

Yes, the U18's were dominating against the U.S. U19 Select team. The U18 match vs. the U.S. U18 is underway. Here is a youtube live link or you can watch it later.

[url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5or2YW47no&list=PLayOy0XmkMjdmj1s4B8mxKONNFRYTeCMo&index=5]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5or2YW ... Mo&index=5[/url]

Sorry about opening a new Thread with same Subject. I didn't see yours or I would have used it.
Good game for high school kids, Canada 10-US 0 at half time.

Congratulations to the Canada Team on the 24-0 win over the US!

The Canadian U18 were very dominating. But like Canada in Hockey I’m sure the US could field many teams of the same calibre.

Yep, the Canadian U18 squad was so dominating they looked like a CIS championship team vs. a U.S. high school team. Despite most of the Canadian players not used to playing American football, they were very innovative and fresh with their offensive schemes...while the U.S. team played very conservatively and seemed bewildered at the Canadian assault on both offence and defence.

You can view that tremendous Canadian U18 game in the video archive in the link below. There are also 3 games on today including the U.S. U16 vs. Alberta U16 on now, and Ontario U17 & U18 vs. U.S. U17 & U18 teams later today. Enjoy!

[url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85JZqGc_AH8&list=PLayOy0XmkMjdmj1s4B8mxKONNFRYTeCMo&index=6]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85JZqGc ... Mo&index=6[/url]

One thing we noticed about the teams, Team Canada is Ontario kids while the US Team is kids from all States. Doesn't seem quite fair to Canada, at least the way we see it.
Your comments?

It wasn't fair in the sense of Alberta Selects (pop. 4 Mil) vs. U.S. National Team (pop 340 Mil)...or Ontario (13 Mil) vs the U.S. That's like pitting a Montana vs. Canada.

A fairer matchup might have been Alberta Selects vs. Idaho Selects or Ontario vs. Ohio or Texas, for example, state vs. province, not province vs. nation.

The Canadian U18 squad might have been setup to "fail" also. The U.S. U18 played only one game in the tournament, against Canada. The Canadian U18 team played on Sunday vs U.S. U19 Selects, then played less than 3 days later vs the U.S. U18 squad who were well rested.

But that strategy may have backfired with Canada U-18 defeated the U.S. 24-0 and demolished their U-19 squad too. But this is still a small tournament which hopes to expand with Mexican and Japanese teams, then perhaps fairer match-ups could be scheduled.

Ideally the format should be more like the World Junior's, which basically alternates between Canada and Europe, playing on the field dimensions and rules of the hosting nation. Then American players would have to adapt to playing Canadian rules just like the Canadians do when playing in the U.S.