Furthest "Active" Season Ticket Holder

It’s that time of the year again:

Who is the furthest “Active” season ticket holder?

I am sure Willie in Japan is the furthest Non-Active season ticket holder and I give him a ton of credit for keeping the faith in a far off land.

For this poll, I am looking for season ticket holders that make more than half the games and live a significant distance from the Hammer.

This is my 33rd year as a season ticket holder and I live in Cincinnati, OH - Google says 506 miles.

Can anyone top that?

I certainly can't. I live 1.79 miles from the stadium according to mapquest.

I think it's awesome you travel so far for every game!! Good on ya!! :slight_smile:

Ah darn...you stole my "i live very close to the stadium" joke!

But I agree, that's awesome that you come all this way to catch at least half of the games!

Will - Based on what you just said I am holding you to the commitment of making it to at least half of the games! :slight_smile:

Will - Based on what you just said I am holding you to the commitment of making it to at least half of the games!
You got yourself a deal. But you have to go to more than half yourself!

That means less games to stretch my legs out to the seat beside me!

If I head south, it 24,863.82 miles (40,008 km). If I head north it about 4 miles.
Does that count?

I have 4 season’s tickets and try to get down to as many functions as possible. It is exactly 172ks one way from my house to Ivor Wynne.

I know of some people in Sarnia who have had season’s tickets as well for many,many,years. Sarnia is farther than “Wroxeter”!

I know one season ticket holder that works (and so basically lives) most of the year on a cruise ship that does routes in the Caribbean and LA to Alaska - she comes home to the Erie shore for the summer and, though it's really just low season for that industry, she'd tell you she came home for football season.

I still have my season tickets, although I live in Beautiful British Columbia now…please, no Williams jokes.

I have to drive all the way from Burlington and man that is such a far drive to the games I can't stand it. Ok totally kidding I am not even close to being the farthest but yeah seriously I think the honour goes to the ticat fan in Japan.

I still have my season's tickets. I'm in Taiwan. I'm a little bit further than Willy in Japan. My old neighbour is using them but they are still in my name and will be mine when I return.
I'm about 500 miles from Bejing which is almost exactly the opposite side of the world from Hamilton.
I am coming home for a couple games this summer. I'm starting to count the days.

I am impressed. You must be some sort of "super" fan.

I wonder if there is such a thing as an argo fan with your stamina?

Keep up the great work.

The hubby and I travel 281 miles from just north of Sudbury to all the games.
Donna :slight_smile:

I'm starting to feel embarrassed for not making the drive from Kingston! Wow, season ticket holders from Cincinnati, Sudbury, and Sarnia--these fans should be honoured at one of the ticat games.


I applaud all of you who travel such great distances to watch our CATS! That is what true fans are made of. I remember when I was in the service(many years ago)I always would take leave so I could catch at least one game.

Donna, I didn't know there was anything NORTH of Sudbury...... :wink:

I made two games last year! :wink:

Is that 'Semi active'?

Unfortunately, I won't be making any game this year, as I am not coming to Canada until Christmas time.

I can't wait for Bob to get the Internet feed of the games going!

Please,.....I love CHML, but want to see the pictures too.

Moriya Just outside of Tokyo, Japan

I travel from Kincardine. Ont. I own 3 seasons tickets. I am a Rotarian and am involved with the Student Exchange Program. I have taken students from arpound the world to see a Hamilton Tigercat game. It truly is something to see the expression on their faces.

Great Post!

If i had tickets i would be 2,838kms away!