further evidence the Agos will be garbage this year

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/argos-strengthen-defensive-staff]http://www.cfl.ca/article/argos-strengt ... sive-staff[/url]

Moreno: "God! Just call anything! This is ridiculous!"

2009-02-04 09:25:00
CFL.ca Staff

MISSISSAUGA -- The Toronto Argonauts Football Club announced today that Ed O’Neil will join the team as Linebackers Coach. An internationally successful coach, Ed O’Neil has almost 30 years of experience. He has served on teams at almost every level of competition, from the NFL to NFLE to the CFL. O’Neil spent the 2007 season as defensive coordinator for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats after spending the previous eight seasons in NFL Europa.

Head Coach Bart Andrus remarked, “I’m pleased to have Ed O’Neil join our staff here at the Toronto Argonauts. Ed comes to us with a vast amount of coaching experience at the professional level. He has worn a lot of hats as an assistant coach and was Defensive Coordinator for Frankfurt when they defeated my Amsterdam Admirals in the 2006 World Bowl. I’ve gotten to know Ed over the years and feel he will have a positive effect on our football team.?

In Europe, O’Neil was no stranger to the big game. He coached in five World Bowls, winning two with the Frankfurt Galaxy in 1999 & 2006. O’Neil served as linebackers coach for the Galaxy from 1999–2000 and defensive coordinator from 2004-06. In 2006, O’Neil’s defence allowed the fewest points in the league (147) and the second-fewest net yards (1,728). Prior to joining Frankfurt the second time, he was the Defensive Line Coach/Special Teams Coordinator for the Rhein Fire, and reached the championship game in back-to-back seasons (2002, 2003).

Coming back to the CFL is a big reward for me. It is a great league and an exciting game. I learned a lot from my first experience in Hamilton and can apply that knowledge to this new situation,? commented O’Neil. “To work with Bart and this group of coaches, who all worked together so well in Europe on the same team and against each other, is tremendous. I am especially glad to be joining the Argonauts as its rich history, its wins, and its hall of famers give you goosebumps. I can’t wait to get started and am more thrilled than you can imagine.?

Defensive Coordinator Pete Kuharchek stated, “Ed was my right hand man at the Rhein Fire where two of the three years we were there together, we went to the World Bowl. When he left for greener pastures, I sure missed him. He is very organized, detailed and hardworking. He brings a lot to the table. He is a great person and football coach.?

O’Neil coached for 16 years in the U.S. college system. He spent three seasons as the defensive coordinator for the University of Buffalo. Prior to that, he spent 10 years as the special teams/tight ends/linebackers coach for Rutgers University (1984-1993). He also spent one year as linebackers coach for the University of Indiana (1983) and began his coaching career as linebackers coach for Eastern Michigan (1982).

O’Neil enjoyed a 7-year NFL career as a player, seeing action in over 100 games after being drafted 8th overall by the Detroit Lions in the 1974. He graduated from Penn State with a degree in Health and Physical Education.

I think this means that no one in the USA wanted him to coach their team.

The Argos are going to be bad. First you hire a coach with zero CFL experience, then hire a DC who also has zero CFL experience then you hire a linebackers coach who doesn't know a thing about Canadian football and tried to convert everyone to NFL style of defensive play while in Hamilton.

This is bound to be a success! (Note: Sarcasm mode turned on!)

yep. argos are toast.

We should be able to run on the Argos even better than we did last year. Ed should have stuck to "Married with Children" :lol:

He was one or two with Reinbold as a coach I never expected would be back! He can't have learned that much :slight_smile:

More than a bit of a shocking move, but I applaud it... only because I'm a TiCat fan! :rockin:

Makes the Bombers coaching staff look All World…

But don't forget, the Ti-Cats also were also capable of making a former Coach of the Year in Charlie Taafe look lost in his stay as head coach.

I'll hold any comments and criticisms until I see how the Argos play (especially against us).

As much as I absolutely hate the Ars#@#$% - the director of player personel has a true gift of finding talent. That is something the Tiger Cats have had a huge problem with in the past years. I don't believe for one minute the Pink team will field a team that is not capable of winning. Wishfull thinking at the best.

Argos got two pieces of bad news today 1)Dorsey is gone and 2) O'Neil is on their staff.

8) If I recall correctly, those are not exactly all the words used in that statement by Zeke at that particular point in time !!! There were also a couple of pretty good 4 letter words used, that were heard quite clearly on TV !!!!! :wink:

After reading through the release quickly, they must be talking about a different Ed O'Neil.
No. Wait a minute!!! There it is.....a former Hamilton Tiger-Cat DC!!!
They ARE talking about the same one!!! :lol:
And Stubler is sitting at home?????
For the first time in my life I feel bad for the Blue team.

I will never feel bad for the Blue Team. I look forward to beating them to a pulp for years to come

They had Kavis doing it last year.

Still, people said similar things about Marc Trestman and the Als last year.

For once, I'm hoping the Ticats lose in the preseason this year. That seemed to jinx us the last few years.

Ed says he has "learned" a lot from his year in the CFL with Hamilton. :slight_smile: I think what he really meant is that even in the CFL you can't make horse feathers out of the horse .... in Hamilton. :lol:

As linebackers coach, O'Neal won't have as much responsiblity as he did as a rookie CFL defensive-co-ordinator...I really wish I would have heard that mic'd up segment with Moreno though....

Funny, as soon an Andrus started hiring all the NFLE coaches....for some reason I felt O'Neal would resurface with the Argos..