you know your organization is a failure, when the eskies are having the worst season in 34 years, and there still only 2 points behind saskachewan, and sask are excited for the season. lol

oh and ro1313 dont need to reply, i know what your going to say,

''ahhh it doesnt matter your in last place bla bla bla''

actually wait you can say cause i could care less

First of all... It's I could NOT care less!

Why do you constantly try to justify the fact that your team is the cellar dweller buy trying to shift attention to someone else?

ro1313 or is it...I care so little [understood] that I couldn't care less?

or I don't care at all [understood] so I couldn't care less?

Its I dont care so I could not care less

I care!

you always care red.

Edited because Im bitter about being last place

could not = couldn't

because of people like you

We're not liberal, we're separatists. :smiley:

Maybe you should give up football RnR!

I can see that being in last place is eating you up inside

Yep! Lets get it straight right here and now. If you COULD care less....This means you DO care!

If you COULDN'T CARE any less? this means that you don't care and there is no where else to go!

Sounds like he cares to me also, he should take care in what he think he has it in him, to care less though..

Not that I care... :lol:

My question is who cares what RnR has to say?

Best point yet!!!

I care I respect everyones post!

Oh ya except Bomber fans, Rider fans, Eskimo fans, you know what I mean! Now RNR I do care what he says he is a very nice young guy! You old guys such as Ro should be an example such as myself Right RnR!

Its nice you respect everyone's posts , but since you bring that up 05,read his post on the cancer black hole or his post in the off-topic section, of how he agrees with a leader of a separatist Alberta party, but says he is not a separatist.

Well Sambo I may not agree with him but like everyone says he does have a right to his opinion. He had a bad experience in his family with cancer so he may have a tainted opinion on that issue as far as speratists in Alberta there are many and again that is for him to choose. Sambo how many times have you had people disagree with you on this site! It is a two way street. Yes you do not have to like what he says and does not have to like what you say but you are both entitled to your opinions.

OH yes I respect your posts well sometimes! :lol: