Go to youtube. Type Jamall (two l's). Wait for the autocomplete.

Here is a link:

:rockin: :rockin:

It's not the video that I found funny. It's the autocomplete, and in particular, the fact that you only need to type in the guy's first name to get it.

I have also found that after typing “jamall” and then a space on that it gives similar autocomplete results.

I liked seeing that.

Google owns Youtube and both use the same auto complete technology. God bless their cache servers. They make searching much better.

I figured Google owning YouTube was a reason there's be similar autocomplete results. That's a reason I checked what would appear on Google when I entered that there.

I suppose a reason those results are there is because that video was featured on blogs like this one: ... =cfl-wp294

And this one: ... ck-pierce/