funny thing is

Saskatchewan fans automatically thinks they’re guaranteed the grey cup this year smh
like this one saying on
Very good chance that Cody , Cam and Craig take home the hardware and the grey cup this year . Heck of a season for the riders this year
another one too
Cody should win, but they might go with Banks . Again Coach of the Year is also between Sask and Hamilton. Cant give both the award to Hamilton especially with Sask winning Grey Cup. Maybe they should wait until the playoffs are done. They used to announce Coach of the Year after Grey Cup, I can recall it being in Feb
not surprise tho

I don’t have a problem with Rider’s fans shilling their team for the Cup, Fajardo for MOP, and Dickenson for COY. Change the names to Cats, Banks and Steinauer, and you’re reading half of the most recent Tiger-Cat posts.

Who would you expect them to tout? That’s what fans do, cheer on their team.

When’s the championship parade celebration? I need to book time off. :slight_smile:

Luckily, as you can tell from my signature, I don’t have to “book” any time off. I highly recommend retirement.

After a week… it’s boring. ?


Perhaps I have a role as a “retirement whisperer”? :smiley:

Not sure how I found time to work

Best job I’ve ever had!


Get to see the world before I die. What could be better.

  1. oh Mark, far from boring, if you take advantage of it.

    I am sending this from sunny, hot 84deg. Florida.

    But i will be back for our EF. Game. :slight_smile:

    Would not miss that. :smiley:

Early days. No rhythm. I need a month of boring to get to the next stage. Here’s hoping the next 2 Cat games are ‘boring’ victories.

After 12 years retirement is anything BUT boring! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Trick is to find an activity or two that you enjoy to keep you busy some of the time but not as much as working full time.

This comment was made on a 3Downnation article about the MOP candidates. It’s one thing to pump your team on your own team forum, another thing to do it where other fans are also commenting.
I have every confidence that the Ticats can bring home a few awards - including MOP, COTY AND the Grey Cup - but I’m not going to spout that anywhere but on a team forum. I might suggest they have a good chance but I’m not going to state it as fact.