Funny Tale of Brand Recognition

A Co-worker was in Nashville, Tn. for a conference over the last week. They attended the Predators and Flames game, afterwards they went to one of the Bars across the street from the Stadium. One of the guys in the group was wearing his Saskatchewan Roughriders Jacket. A group of the Flames showed up at the bar, one of the Flames saw him and grabs another one and says “Look at that, They’re fucking everywhere!”

LOL, great story !!

Mrs MadJack and I were in Hawaii last November for a week. . . having attended a game in Regina on July 1st, we bought some Riders' gear because when we attend a game in any CFL city we are home team fans for the day. So anyway, one day in Hawaii, as we were on a bus tour of Pearl Harbor, I wore my Saskatchewan Roughriders shirt, and wouldn't you know it, at least three other people recognized it and remarked on it!

im going to mexico later this month, and im bringing my riders football to toss around on the beach, and on the resort.
gotta represent CFL football!

Since we're sharing …

Back in 1999 when I was in Perth in Western Australia I had to open a bank account for some job I got. (I was doing a one-year work visa.)

When the bank teller saw that I was from Canada, he asked what part and when I said Saskatchewan, he told me that the Roughriders were his team in the CFL. I just about fell over.

Turns out the guy had relatives or something in Saskatchewan so he knew all about the Riders.

Next thing we'll see is someone will photoshop and post a picture of demonstrators in Cairo wearing Roughriders' gear. . .

I was at a wedding lately and some of the Wedding party had on Rider gear. Problem is, it was the Bridesmaid. :lol: :lol:

I remember I was vacationing in the Yukon years back and met some people from Arkansas. When I said I was from Hamilton they said oh yea, that's where the TigerCats play. Took me back I will say.

Went to Vegas a few years ago and a guy selling event tickets asked me where I was from. I told him I was from Hamilton and he said Oskee Wee Wee. I was shocked and asked him how he knew and he said that he followed the CFL.