Funny Stories

as exctiting as this new site is...its still boring being in the offseason. also its such an effort to log on and it takes so long, and passord is complex (anyone else have that problem) so im makinthe best of it.

lets hear a funny stoy so we can laugh and pass the time. :lol: :smiley:

Under your profile you can change your password to something easier rather than the one provided to you...

Funny story? FUNNY STORY? It's the Vernal Equinox today! How dare you suggest we rejoice in humour while my god, lord Ranus is waiting for our animal sacrifices! i'm appalled.

My funny story young jedi is coming Sept. 5th when my retooled and revamped Stampeders wipe up the field with your held-together-by-duct-tape excuse for a franchise!

Hows that for using this forum for what it was intended for.......

Gotta get your wins where you can I guess, cause there are two garunteed stamp losses already on the schedule

Hey, I could handle a 16-2 season, even if both losses were to the roughies

plus the loss to the riders in the west finals, can you accept that

haha...dont get ur hopes up buddy boy, cuz ur just in for a world of disappointment.

You want a funny story?

When BC Place opened in 1983, whoever picked the colours threw me off. Each section had a colour in the concourse area. One section Green (Just for Kanga) One section Orange, one section Blue. Well after indulging in a few too many brews, I went wandering from the orange section to the Blue section. In my state of mind, Blue ment Men when it came to washrooms. Soooooo, being that the first washroom was blue, I quickly jumped into releive myself.....Well, You guessed it. It was the Womens washroom. I realized my mistake when I couldn't find any urinals. As female voices could be heard approaching, I ducked into a stall until they came and left. Then I quickly left in search of the mens washroom. I noticed the've changed the coulours and put up bigger signs.

I guess I may have not been the only one to make that mistake!

My funniest story I havew heard lately, is all the ranting and raving of Sask fans that think they will get into the post season with a Nealon and Crandell as QB's. To me me that is worth a laugh.

1989 Ottawa. Team posters handed out to first ten thousand fans. By third quarter literally hundreds of these things are being flown as paper airplanes out of the south upper deck and landing on the field. Grand ovation for the one that reached centre field.

I actually kind of love this as an official, approved stadium activity. I’m going to run it by the Marketing folks at the league office to see what they think. :slight_smile:

...I remember an event like this held in a stadium in the 1980s...Kingdome maybe? everyone entering the stadium received a sheet of paper with a space for their name and phone number, and printed on the sheet were dotted lines and written instructions for how to fold it into an airplane...then they parked a convertible Corvette at centre field and if you could land your airplane in the cockpit of the Corvette you won it...

As my mom used to say..

" yeah sure, everything is fun...until someone loses an eye!"

One day I’m on the phone with my friend Bob, and I realize right then and there that I need to return this pair of pants I had previously purchased. So, I’m off to the store. So I’m waiting and waiting for the subway, only it’s not coming, so I decided to hoof it through the tunnel. Well, I don’t know if I lost track of time - or what, but the next think I knew I slipped - and fell in the mud. Ruining the very pants I was about to return.

It was around 1983 that "The Wave" was becoming the thing at stadiums. It was big at B.C. Place initially. The next year, at Ottawa, the legendary Southsiders began a wave that caught on and eventually swept the entire south side and through the east or west endzone bleachers. But the Northsiders wouldn't do it when the wave reached the north side. This was July of 1984 and is the genesis of the famous "North Side Sucks" chant. If you didn't know, now you know.

Ten years ago, or so, there was a RONA commercial that ran often, especially near the start of CFL on TSN. It was this "regular guy" going to his seat when the public address booms out a grand, "Look, it's OUR MAN CARLO!!!", because he had installed a bathtub in his back yard, or something. Anyways, the commercial ran and ran and ran until around Labour Day, when it suddenly stopped.

The next week on the CFL chat forum of the time, all anyone wanted to discuss was, "Hey, what happened to our man Carlo"?

Funny if you were there.