Funny how...

..Winnipeg's for/against spread is only +7 but they have a 5-2-1 record while Toronto has a +5 for/against spread and they are only 2-6.

Just an observation.

Actually if you look at the Bombers games against Hamilton, you won by 18pts then lost to them by 21 pts on the following week, for a -3 total in those two games. The loss to Edmonton was by 4 for a seven point differential. All the rest of Winnipeg's wins were close games, a differntial of +14 points for a total which gives you the +7 pt differntial.

In Toronto's case their two wins were by 33 and 25 pts. They lost to Calgary by 23 pts so their combined +/- for those two games is a +10. On their other losses there is a difference of 30 points combined, for a +5. They have been in some relatively close games, 2pt losses to the Als, Bombers and Lions. The other losses were a 13 pt loss to the Als again and an 11 pt loss to the Riders, to give you the total of 30 pts.