Funny How The CFL Sweeps This Under The Carpet


DE - Cameron Wake - B.C. Lions

Saskatchewan Roughriders 26 - B.C. Lions 16

Highlights / Key Stats:

Cameron Wake had eight tackles and a league high three sacks as the B.C. Lions held the Riders to less than 200 yards of total offence. Wake sacked Steven Jyles once and Darian Durant twice. He was a force for the entire game, interrupting the QB's rhythm and tackling RB Wes Cates three times, including a tackle for a loss.

had 2 dig to find this one! guess you have to win the game to get the headlines! just another example of if the lions played more offence they'd be baskin in the glory! unfortunatly can't win the day with half the team! Way 2 go Cam don't stop we need you! LIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

uummm okay :roll:

It's one of the top headlines on this site.
I hardly think that's "How The CFL Sweeps This Under The Carpet".

Maybe you could learn how to read.

Wake is a freak, and its a pleasure to watch him kick some serious be-hind. Too bad he more than likely won't be playing here for much longer. :cry:


Wake is the best player in the CFL at any position. It appears that Chris Schultz agrees with me.

It's the exact same place in the exact same format as it always is, and if you call that "digging" never become a police detective...

Cause he hates Thursday night games and will move to a league where they play most of their games on Sundays. 8)

really? WTF? sorry not convinced yet?!?! day of the week who cares when you rule! ? don't get it Wake if this is true?

Apparently he always misses his favourite show on thursday and he's pretty upset about it. He's more than likely gone after this year.

He doesn't like orange, it clashes with his natural color palette. He is lobbying to change our colors to brown and purple. If they change the BC colors, then he might stay.

What exactly did they sweep under the carpet?
Its on the main page like it is evey week!
Did you expect there to be a national holiday?

Cameron Wake Day

If it means no work, I'm in!

Hmmm, I'm not even very Internet savy and I couldn't help but find this on this site and on Google News with my eyes closed. Hey Hotlion, something in the water out there maybe?


LOL He has to get on his bike and pedal faster to get enough electricity to power up his laptop so he can post. It seems some in Vancouver are going over board with being green. Just maybe Wake will go to a better team next year. As far as finding something positive for the Lions I guess you found it and you should be proud maybe tattoo it on your hand for future reference. :lol:

I'm with you. I'd even celebrate a Saskatchewan Roughriders day if it meant a paid day off work. :smiley:

It was in the Province Newspaper today as well....I don't understand which carpet Wake is getting swept under.

Hey I'm diggin here for positives I was at least expecting a 30 sec highlite comercial of wakes plays! lord knows there wasn't much else! guess a parade is out of the question!LOL

Wake is a tweener.... He is too big to play db in the NFL and too small to play on the line in the NFL..... His NFL carrer will be shorter tthen KC Printers.... Oh well.... He'll make 200K+ in the CFL for atleast a few years once he returns.... Good money if he isn't an idiot and runs out and blows it all...
If he invests the money wisely....he might have a chance of retiring from the CFL with more then a mil or so in his bank account...

So maybe he should play quarterback for the Lions then.

Imagine that! Who could possibly sack him?!?
Maybe he'd get all confused and sack himself! HAHA!!

Now that would make the highlight reels! Be like the Fridge Perry all over again!