Funny how a person changes

I used to be a diehard hockey fan, had season tickets to the WHA Oilers and held those all the way to the early 90's. I knew all the players names on all the teams and watched games every night on the old 8 ft satellite dish. Now I rarely watch a game. On the other hand I've been a CFL fan since the 60's and am a 34 yr. season ticket holder. I guess I just lost touch with the multi millionaire NHLer's as I got older.


Growing up in the early 1980's I was all about the Flames, when I got older into the 90's I realized I could afford to get Stamp tickets and the Flames had been completely inaccessible to everyone expect the corporation who owned almost every seat in the house. Since then all I care about are the Stamps. Flames gcould leave town tomorrow without a tear on my face

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Ya, if the Flames left Calgary it wouldn't bother me neither! :laughing:

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Totally agree. Like you I had all the players on the WHA Winnipeg Jets memorized. Still have a Jets game stick signed by Ulf Nilsson, Bobby Hull, Anders Hedberg, Lars-Erik Sjoberg, 10 or 11 others. The Jets - and many of the WHA teams show-cased offensive talent with sub-AHL defenses and only a handful of goalers with legit NHL credentials (Gump Cheevers, Joe Daley, Jacques Plante, few more). WHA defenders were often too pooped to pop as guys like Hull & Hedberg swooped around them, thru them and ended up depositing mounds of vulcanized rubber in the twine.
Nowadays, hockey is 80% guys threatening other guys with their sticks, dirty hits, coaches getting fired daily and mopes with little to no talent earning a million to 5 million annually with no-cut contracts to boot. Any league run by Greedy Bettman puts money first, player and fan safety a distant 4th.

The CFL with all its warts and illnesses is legendary. Even with its maladies its a joy to watch players truly earning their keep and coaches who are fighting for their annual survival. CFL trudges on even with one major sports network in Canada virtually ignoring them and the other only showcasing the league contractually or whenever they have committed to slot 3 hours for a CFL game and a tiny post-game show (2 or 3 minutes tops)

Less local CFL media than its halcyon days in the 50s, 60s and 70s where teams like Winnipeg & Regina would have up to 12 (maybe more) beat reporters covering the team. Even non-carrying radio stations had reporters with a tape machine heading to practices to get sound bytes for their sports casts. Local TV stations would often feature hi-lites on their supper and late-nite sports plus up to the mid 70s, even feature a weekly coaches show. Now, maybe a 10 sec. hi-lite the next day after a game happens.

All said, the CFL survives cuz they've learned how to weasel away monies, squeeze government jurisdictions for loans or outright grants (or loans that end up turning into grants) and selling stadium advertising rights to interested local parties who for their money get the added right to knife 'n fork with players & coaches plus the usual jock-sniffing special events! I can't tell you how much bored business guys making tons of money by accident look forward to jock-sniffing!


The Jets season tickets I have a small share in are between $200-250 each and you can add on another $100 per person minimum for dinner and drinks. My Bomber season tickets on the 45 yard line are less than $1,000 for the year. I don’t know why more people don’t buy Bomber tickets given the far greater bang for the buck.

And Lyle, I think you meant Gump Worsley, or did you mean Gerry Cheevers?


Count me in as me too .

Was a big hockey fan now I figure all the players already won the lottery so I am watching millionaires playing a game .

It takes away some of the common touch , relatable and the rough edge I believe the older players had whatever sport baseball , hockey , basketball etc... while the good old CFL stayed grounded in it's just a game not robbing a bank for the future .

Had to ponder why I give the NFL a pass and still watch it .

Has to be the high collision aspect and the short careers where it's hard to not to feel they should be compensated for that physical punishment and not for long aspect for many of the players plus because of the huge rosters many are not set for life like the smaller roster on other major league sports .

Just testing your knowledge Jon. I knew you'd pull the trigger on that one to be sure! Cheevers was one of the first big name NHL goalers to hop over to the fledgling WHA for giant coin. Bernie Parent was the other. Joe Daley was the big name grab for Winnipeg - although other than being a Winnipeg native, Daley was kind of an NHL rounder before Winnipeg grabbed him to back-stop their all-offense squad.
Don't think Gump Worsley ever played a game in the WHA although I'm sure he was offered more coin.

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Hey Lyle, there were quite a few WHA defensemen that would put a bunch of todays millionaire forwards on their butts when they crossed the blue line or make them pay when they stand in front of the net. Todays defensemen are nothing but stick wavers.

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He did not.

I think they've been forced by the league or unwritten protocols to make contact hockey as it used to be more like pickup hockey, or as Jon says if this can be applied to hockey, sandlot..... :wink:
Actually had to search this and yes, there is sandlot hockey, akin to pond hockey :slight_smile:

The Gumper was a little long in the tooth when the WHA became a thing.
(Not that it stopped Jacques Plante).

I used to be a lot shorter when I was a kid.

while I wish they didnt get so much money that would be of help to the needy, I do not let how much the athletes get paid affect my enjoyment.

my very unexpected change is as I have mentioned before, I am more and more enjoying NFL and less and less enjoying CFL.

I very selfishly follow sports for my own enjoyment, not to help provide income for the players. I would not cut my nose off to spite my face just because some of them get paid more than they maybe should

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Nothing wrong with that, you're a football fan sounds to me regardless of number of downs or whatever. The fact is I absolutely love watching the NFL as well and like you, more now than ever, because it is the number one football league in the world and all the hype and drama and media coverage as well of course how the games are played out on the field etc. and American media is able to capitalize on how great the game is. In Canada, it's different, football isn't as popular as it used to be and has never been the number one sport at all. I still prefer watching the CFL over most hockey games involving Canadian teams or the Raptors or Blue Jays or Canadian MLS teams but the NFL game has upped itself over the past number of years because they play more of a CFL style now with smaller quarterbacks who can run and more wide open offenses without the bruising fullback thingy, for the most part. The NFL has learned from the CFL and is using that extra down and fantastic receivers, some short ones now like Hill of the Chiefs, and making it a more exciting game in the past where the CFL as someone else said, seems to be more a defensive game now with many of the better players on defense now.

I think the CFL it if wants to be more exciting and keep it's American flavour, reduce how many Canadians it has to start because the defensive Americans are overpowering the weaker Canadian offensive linemen it seems. Will be interesting what the CFL is going to do about creating more offense next year and onwards. If not, the CFL is in trouble as a league. It would help if they can get some American teams in the league IMHO.

One other thing about the NFL that is important is that they are encouraging teams to pass more as well with calling PI if there is any question and offensive coordinators know this only too well so another reason more passing now in the NFL than before which has really opened up the NFL game.

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A few - but not enough. I learned more about all round defensemen when a senior citizen Serge Savard arrived in Winnipeg and still had the moves to compete in pro hockey. Savard also had incredible defensive smarts. Despite being 6'3 + 220 lbs, Serge wasn't much of a hitter. But he could position himself to deter all comers. JC Tremblay was another incredibly good, defenseman way back when. A real go-getter!