Funny fan signs

Guy on the beach in Mexico, Probably 350-400 pounds, has a t shirt on "I survived Anorexia"


Chapter 1
Only two of the group were married at that time Steve & Larry, myself devorced, Steve the person who made the sign and Larry my best friend who on (Saturday) was running low on $$, on a dare went down the glass elevator that overviewed the dinning room/ lounge in his long johns then sat at the bar drank a beer ( just to get out of buying the next 24 for our room).

Steve had a camcorder, the only camera in the group.

At that time I was working/ living in Thunder Bay Ontario 22 hours from Calgary, I drove after a 10 hour shift to Winnipeg to pick 3 others and continue towards Calgary.
By the Time we got to Medicine Hat Ab.we knew we couldn't make Calgary for last call or a beer store, so we loaded up. About an hour from Calgary we got pulled over for speeding 30Km above the limit, Steve was driving. The officer informed us we were speeding and had liquor in the cab of the car. We were told to pick which charge we will take. Steve told the officer his wife wanted him to film everything and asked the officer to turn on the lights and siren for his wife. We were let off with a warning........

Chapter 2, too follow....


part two.......Continued.....

As stated above, I departed Thunder Bay Wednesday after my 10 hour shift, Spanning 3 time zones, EST, CST & MST. In route to Calgary with a 1 hour timeout in Winnipeg to swallow some food and pick up the other 3 in our party.

We finally arrived at our Calgary hotel about 2am Thursday morning, then polished off the best part of a 24 untill we couldn't stay awake and longer around 5am. Thursday was a slow day as expected, we took in a few free events and dinner downtown then back to the hotel.

When we bought our GC Tix we also pre purchased Tix for a Saskatchewan Cabaret event (Friday) and Collin Jones concert (Saturday).

Woke up early Friday full of energy had breakfast then a cab downtown (Satteldome) casino....and a ripper bar. Again we were 4 (Steve, Larry, Scott & myself). We met a group of Edmonton fans in the bar and killed the afternoon there. We needed to get back to the hotel to shower, change clothes, then meet at the Rider's Cabaret with our second group of 4 from Winnipeg (who arrived Friday late afternoon) one of who was my brother Who's a Riders fan (I know, Right?)

This is where our first hiccup happened, Scott buggered off with the Edmonton fans in a not so good condition, we told him if you're not back at the hotel before we depart to the Rider's event we will leave your Tix on the TV. We met with our second group and proceeded to have way more fun then humans should be allowed to have.....about 4 hours later Scott (literally wandered in) joined us.

When we returned to the hotel we were now a group of 6, we stole 2 people from the second group (my brother Vern & Rob) we are now 6 in a room with 2 double beds UGG, we also noted Scott attended the Rider's event but never picked up his Tix which was still on the TV. He somehow just stumbled in. We continued too party in our room along with the people in the room beside us. Turns out they too were Edmonton fans, but friendly Edmonton be continued.

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Still waiting for part 3 so in the meantime I’ll post a few more signs I found.



Found this one with a CFL connection. Don’t know the history but I assume Masoli was in the discussion for the Heisman at one time.

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I really feel sorry for her but its a funny sign nontheless



So depending on how long ago this photo might have been taken how old is this girl now ? 60 ? 70 ? :rofl:


Oh it was years ago
Gilmour era? Maybe

I mean it has been 20+ years since Leafs even won a playoff series right so we both know she is old now
Wonder if she married an American fan ha ha

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Love the Forrest Gump sign.


Part three.... Continued.... Saturday.

Our room looked like a war zone, the mattresses were on the floor, turns out we had some people sleeping on the box springs and others on floor mattresses. Come morning, rather then to have 6 people attempting to shower, 3 of us hit the hot tub, which was on Level 3 as was our room. Anyone familiar with this hotel would know the 3rd level was like a mezzanine over looking the brunch area.

Next hiccup. We discovered if we cover up the water Jets in the hot tub, the water would expell out of an air vent on the top of the tub and we could shoot the water a few feet...... Steve was a smoker (in 1993 you could smoke indoors)....we cleaned up the water mess we created, then set a lounge chair along with a side table with ashtray in it's place. Sure as s#it Steve took the bait, sat in designated chair and lit up. Vern, Larry & I waited until Steve was looking around at the hotel area. When we plugged the water jets, we soaked Steve head to toe killed his cig & half pack of smokes. Now instead of getting angry (would do no good anyway) he got changed while we set it up, and again soaking the next victim. At some point we just wanted to see how far we could shoot the water. It turns out just far enough to reach the edge of the mezzanine....OH OH!
.......we gum booted back towards our room......just as our Edmonton neighbors were about to join us.....we told them to enjoy the hot tub, its too hot for us. We peeked from our room as hotel staff approach the Edmontonians, they never ratted us out, just said it wasn't them. Note: no water fell on anyone below, there was a garden area where the water landed. Phew.

We spent that afternoon attended GC events and again wound up in a bar, go figure. Returning early evening to clean up, change and reload booze. BTW we were back to 4 people Vern & Rob rejoined their group.
While waiting for the Collin James concerts, we partied with our buds next door. Both our room doors were left open, many people staying at the hotel would pop in both the rooms for a visit, bring some drinks and party.
The time came we needed to make our way to the concert In the event tent beside McMahon stadium and once again we misplaced our Scott, a little bit about Scott....He is 6 Years older (40) than the rest of us, a good job & living at home, no car, no expenses. He coaches football, baseball & hockey and he drinks a lot. As I said we lost Scott, he was last seen in the lounge a couple hours ago sitting with a table of Bomber's fans. We intended to grab him when we left to the concert, he's nowhere to be found. After a 20 minute search we just walked to the concert.

The concert itself was about 4 hours with a variety of bands, problem was to purchase tix for liquor took about 20 minutes, then stand in another line another 30 plus minutes to purchase the liquor...and you were only allowed two drinks per person, beer and hard drinks were in separate lines, many people after picking up 2 drinks went straight to the back of the line. Because we have a large supply back in our room, Larry and I walked back too our room and loaded up tucking in about six beer each in hopes security is weak, it was. We started to give Steve some beer and suddenly Scott shows up? WTF Scott. Seams he followed along with his group from the lounge.

The concert was great, Steve had his camcorder, lots of girls wanted him to film them, so he told them they had to flash for his wife, they did, Steve erased that be continued.