Funny Article From the Toronto Sun

This a link to a rather funny article about the hometown fans.

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A must read for the Box J Boys.

Great article.
Love the picnic table part. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Mat for that article, very funny read for sure!

When I was reading the article, I kept thinking, good thing he didn't try this back in the 70's and 80's! He would have had to dictate his story from a hospital bed. :slight_smile:

Those were the days, back when there was no such thing as light beer and men were men. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think things would have turned out a lot worse for him if the argos were winning. Everyone was in a good mood because of the score and the fact we moved into second place with a chance for first on Saturday.

Makaveli, for sure, that played a big part in him not having to remove his hat from his ar$e! I can remember games where entire busloads of Argo fans were kicked out of the stadium en masse. I didn't even see an altercation yesterday, did anyone else?

there was something going on early in the game behind box E.
don't think it was anything big tho.

If what you were writing about was high up in section 29 it was a medical emergency . They had to get some of the people from the Armed Forces who were at the game to assist them down, not sure what it was but they had him on an IV drip before they moved him.

At least the reporter didn’t need a police escort.

After the half time break as players were making their way back onto the field, now coach Mike O’Shea was walking to the Argo bench in the midst of some other Argo players but, he also had 2 police officers walking beside him and between him and the stands.

It seems Mike is still very popular at IWS to receive the VIP treatment :slight_smile:

longtimetcfan, yeah, we notice the police escort as well. Good for a laugh.

I like the way Mike O'Shea dresses up for the game. All of the other coordinators and coaches are in team shirts or jackets with matching pants. O'Shea looks like he just walked in from cutting the lawn and staining the deck.

O'Shea probably still is in "game ready player mode" type of thing. Eventually he'll fully realize he's another player who can't play at the level required and make the full transition to coach mode. Tough for some guys to do though.

When I became a boss I dressed the part. I could still do the job, but I was a leader now and should dress that way. Did it make me a better leader, no, but it garners the respect that should go with being the person in charge. He is not one of the boys anymore, he is a coach and should dress that way

Actually it made you a better leader. Respect is probably the most important part of leadership.

TSN showed Adriano Belli walking around at field level in his street clothes.
Anyone recognize him.....or hear any taunting from the fans?