Fun with Ticat Pics

Got to playing around with some pics today and did a couple short vids that I figured a little feedback on wouldn’t hurt. They’re both done to the same tune but when I made them I really didn’t think I’d bother sharing them.
They’re done through a program offered through a website that makes it ridiculously easy to make and Im not sure how well advertising it here would go over so if anyone wants the name of it just send me a quick pm and I’ll get you a link.


That's pretty cool.
What software did you use?
Good tune
Would be awesome if focused on one player (Printers, Lumsden, Smith...) or group (special teams, ol, dl...) or better yet Hits!!!

Looks like fun, I might try my hand too.

Great video,
This is a much better photo montage than most of the ones I see on youtube.

I like how everything ties together and there is lots of action.
I'd love to know what program was used aswell.

Cool vid, thanks for sharing it with us.