Fun with forum stats

no complaints or judgement on such unimportant info, but just for time killing and point of interest, to anyone interested that is.

The following confusing numbers. A snapshot of info as of time of this post

Total Members = 9,845 Average Registered per day = 2.15 Calculated No of Days = 4,579.07
Total Posts = 1,387,429 Average Posts per day = 182 Calculated No of Days = 7623.27
Total Topics = 63,470 Average Topics per day = 6.86 Calculated No of Days = 9,252.19

(Its going to be embarrassing if one of my figures is incorrect :slight_smile: )

This leaves the question - which number of days is right for this site?

If they started counting near the end of 2005, then the first one would be about right.

I wonder how Chief made all those posts in 12 minutes

I wonder what happened.

during November 2018, we went over 10,000 posts for the first time in 16 months. Then we followup by a very low December, bottom 3. What a drop.

I also noticed something weird happened at the end of Nov. The most online numbers for Nov 30 and Dec 1 are greatly inflated. A hiccup?

I wonder whatever became of Chief. . . once a mod, then he just up and disappeared