Fun with CFL Teams.....

1- Sashatchewan ----- reminds me of a good High school football team
2 - BC ------ Starting to show their age glory days are done
3 - Calgary --- The dream is over
4 - Edmonton ---- GM & Coach is what's hurting this team
5 - Winipeg ---- Every January they win the Grey Cup & reality arrives in June
6 - Hamilton --- no identity
7 - Toronto --- Who are they?
8 - Montreal --- victims of their own success

Come on folks it's slow day .........

1- Sashatchewan ----- reminds me of the 2009 Alouettes
2 - BC ------ Starting to show their O line problem again
3 - Calgary — The wake is a hangover
4 - Edmonton ---- GM is what’s destroyed this team
5 - Winipeg ---- Every January they win the Grey Cup & they shuffle QBs in July
6 - Hamilton — no identity, but heading up
7 - Toronto — Looks they’re coming back. So did they early 2009.
8 - Montreal — reminds me of the 2009 Roughriders

Great bajanlol Here....I thought I'd add my own version:

  1. Saskatchewan ----- Specialty team coach: "Hmmm…now lemmee see….. Ummmm….10, 11, 12, 13…….oh oh….TIME OUT. TIME OUT!!!?
    2 - BC ------ Their O LINE: "Hi my name’s Angus Reid. Hi Angus my name’s Mike. I’m from Laurier High. Yeah, I’m John and this here is Ralph…we’re from Gibbons Senior High. And that’s Pete, this is his first pro game."
    3 - Calgary --- Rambo talking to the opposition: “You’re the disease and I’m the cure!?
    4 - Edmonton ---- The coach before game: Remember Fred, when we hang onto the ball and not fumble it we get to keep it for another set of downs.
    5 - Winnipeg ---- Buck’s our QB? When did this happen??
    6 - Hamilton --- Man….things were working okay last year??
    7 - Toronto --- The coach talking to his players: “ I HAVE A DREAM!?
    8 - Montreal --- Coach talking to Duval: “ Between the uprights Duval. Between them man!!?

1- Saskatchewan: Fans are having tough luck trying to make a longer snake than Winnipeg with cans :lol:
2- BC: Casey "This new stadium is chicken shiat, making my iphone reception suck !
3- Calgary: Lyle Bauer: "I'm telling you Huff, Mike Kelly could really help us"
4- Edmonton: Maciocia wearing a disguise to and from work.
5- Winnipeg: Milt Steagall to be honnored twice this year again
6- Hamilton: Marcel talking himself up for Obilovich's job
7- Toronto: Like putting lipstick on a Belli.
8- Montreal: Duval: Come on Jim I'm sorry about what I said, don't make me go talk to dad, how bout that extension before you move on, PLEASE !