Fun Story in the Post - Conspiracy to help Argos

The Eskies and Tillman conspiring with the League and Braley to prop up the Blue Team during this Grey Cup year???? Can't be! :smiley:
Well, PERHAPS not as blatantly as Cam Cole suggests.

It's a fun piece to read though.

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...interesting theory at the very least, Cole's no dummy but proving this one would be beyond his ability

Haters Gonna Hate....

Just wondering.... is Cole the hater or is it me for starting the thread?
Have a great day!

Cole. He wrote the article. You're just the messenger.

I think that you may be a bit touchy here. He's a reporter/columnist and he's having fun, doing his job, raising a bit of controversy in a good-natured way. My take anyway.

Cole is not the first to suggest this and won't be the last. Many who watch the 1996 Grey Cup win by the Argo's feel that there was no way the CFL was going to let the Flutie led Argo's lose that game. On that occasion the Argo's and the league had gambled their existance on the arm of Flutie and failure was not an option. If the Toronto franchise were to fall due to bankruptsy, the league would have followed.

Make no mistake about it, the league wants a Toronto win, at home in the Centenial game. The question is, how far will they go to insure that win.

...Cole's not hating here, it's a he says in the article if it was Lulay switching teams then there's all sorts of hate coming out of a Vancouver based sports writer...

He also alludes to the fact that since Braley owns both the Lions and the Argo's, the conspiracy would be far too obvious.

Well, it’s been suggested Eli Manning going to the Giants may have been somewhat of a conspiracy as well. Gotta have a big name qb in NY when the team wasn’t playing so well, back some years. :wink:

Archie’s meddling makes great conspiracy theory

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Conspiracy theories around players is fun material to write for a journalist for sure.

...which makes you wonder if the Lions and the Argos could ever pull off a trade of any significant magnitude

...I've often wondered though, how would the league work if all 8 teams were owned by a single entity, be it an individual or a corporation, the GMs of each team reported to the same board of directors or sole-owner and each GM competed against the other to field the most competitive team possible...just speculating..

I don't know, in some ways any league is already some sort of conspiracy anyways where you know some GM's like each other and like to do business and don't like other GM's or teams for whatever reason, personal or otherwise. And work on deals behind the scenes that probably go agains't the tampering rules. :?

I mean Gretzky to LA to sell hockey was fairly fixed I would say.

Any time a lop-sided trade happens it brings out the conspiracy theories, this is no different.

I think MLS is setup like that.
As for the conspiracy theories, I don’t buy any of that. I don’t think people who are driven to compete, otherwise wouldn’t be where they are, would deliberately weaken their chances of success to enhance someone else. This is a board who doesn’t (didn’t?) believe in revenue sharing and now suddenly they’ve become so benevolent towards a particular team?

Yeah right.

I hope your right, it will be interesting to see what unfolds. I will be interesting to watch if the Lions meet the Argo's in the Grey Cup. What would be more interesting is if by some miracle the Lions were on the outside looking in at the trade deadline. What could we expect in the way of trades between the Lions and the Argo's and would the CFL have any power to veto trades between the teams.

and Argos gonna blow :wink:

I've been saying what Cole is saying, more or less, since The Trade.

I see nothing wrong with giving a team a leg up when it needs it. That's why it's called a "league." It's there for mutual protection and cooperation. They still have to play the games, and the team still has to win.

while i don't believe the conspiracy theory, it did make for a fun read.
i laughed out loud a few times at the way the author described things ;eg. 'the eskimo's cooperation in de-pantsing' had me LOL.
as did the description of that the eskimos received in exchange for Ray; an old boot, a glove and can of monkeybutt
i hope this guy keeps writing CFL stuff. :thup:

Yup, reminds me of the Jim Hunt days. :thup:

Last of the great ones just died- Trent Frayne at 93. He was one of the 3 - Jim Hunt, Milt Dunnell, and Trent Frayne. Lots of accolades on the net. (Second tier- Dick Beddoes, Jim Coleman, Jim Proudfoot, Ted Reeve, & Scott Young.) I remember them all.

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