Fun Story in the Post - Canadian Conspiracy (to help A@%&$)

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The Eskies and Tillman conspiring with the League and Braley to prop up the Blue Team during this Grey Cup year??? Can’t be! :smiley:
Well, PERHAPS not as blatantly as Cam Cole suggests.

It’s a fun piece to read though.

Interesting read although nothing new. It's along the same lines as why I suspect the blue team might land Fantuz. It's in everyone's best interests to have a strong franchise in the nation's largest market, especially when they are hosting the 100th Grey Cup championship.

Ock- what I find new is the idea of Edmonton having a special place int he CFL as a rescuer of other teams and the idea that every new Edmonton GM is initiated into the Secret Society of CFL Savers (or the SSCS).

Mark, I'm sure you're aware there are only seven families that run the entire world. Surely a couple teams can run the CFL.

It's actually only FIVE families.

The Queen
The Vatican
The Gettes
The Rothchilds
and The Colonel.

They meet Tri-annually at a secret country mansion known as The Meadows.


I think he meant..

"Elvis takes 50 percent of everything I earn," Parker said.?

Both Colonels are no longer with us. The only way they could meet with them is by weegee board.