Fun online football sim

I've found a fun online football sim called Goal Line Blitz. Essentially you create and manage a player or even multiple players. You develop them, haggle over contracts, etc. Over time you can become a GM or even get to own your own team. It follows American rules but it isn't affiliated with the NFL.

It's also free. Seeing as how a lot of people here like fantasy football and Big Dave's VGCC I figured they would probably like this. They ask for an e-mail address but it doesn't require a confirmation (so you can use a fake one) and I've not received any spam since signing up. Anyway give it a try. I'd love to play with or against some of you.

Also if you sign up using this link:

I get a bonus for referring someone to the game. PM me if you sign up, either here or there. My account name there is D.Allen. Cheers!

Has anybody checked it out yet?

Yeah it's pretty cool, you build your player how you want him to play what kind of training you want him to do. You get contract offers and a salary.

I've got 2 players playing this game, pretty fun, doesn't require a lot of time.