Fun Fact

Every sportscaster, sportswriter, uberfan, random trash talking troll was wrong about the Winnipeg/Edmonton game

(unless of course someone called an actual tie in which case every me was wrong)

Also I heard a funny sound a couple times during the game, it almost sounded like thousands of people yelling ****ING WESTWOOD at once! Weird....did anyone else hear that?

In all seriousness, it was a good game, both defenses pretty much got torn apart, very entertaining offensively though.


Wanna know an even funner fact?

48 of Milt Stegall's 137 TDs are longer than 40 yards. Thats crazy.

I thought it was kind of crazy how they said he has 56 TDs in fourth quarters. Definitely a guy you want to keep an eye on when it goes to the wire.

Yeah that's pretty intense. Even known he's getting up there in age Stegall can still play with the young guys, and still put on a fantastic show.

It's also nice that Glenn has more weapons in his receiving corps(Armstrong, Edwards, Stoddard, to a lesser extent Brazzell) to kind of take the heat off of Milt once in a while, leaves a little bit more unpredictability.

Now if our defense can catch up with our offense we'll be good, seems kinda reversed from last year.

I thought it was funny that when stegall tied it in the fourth, that he wasn't doubled. I mean he's their best WR and he's one away from the record and their in the red zone. Wouldn't you kinda expect them to go to him?

Yeah, you would. But Winnipeg did a good job of mixing things up in the rest of the game. Every time they were in scoring position, I was watching for them to go to Milt and they kept tossing it to the other receivers. The Bombers did a good job of forcing the Eskimoes to respect their other receivers, which benefitted Milt in the end. Still, 4th quarter, 30 seconds left, you gotta cover him better.