Fumble or Incomplete?


But was it a challengable play?
Seems to me there has been controversy earlier this year about that.....

It looks like he was in the throwing motion when he got hit, so I believe it was an incompletion. Now this kind of call is a judgment call on the official's part. If the official who makes that judgment sees the arm go forward, he will say the QB was in his throwing motion every time. I think it could have been challenged, and Higgins would have lost that challenge, IMO.

Now that I double check the rules I see it is not reviewable.
Is seems that if it is ruled a fumble it is reviewable and can be overturned. If it is ruled an incomplete forward pass it is not reviewable! :?

i wish they'd rule these kinda plays a fumble everytime ( unless totally obvious ) and let replay decide if it was a pass or fumble.

cant go wrong with that plan.

His arm went forward and then the tuck occurred when he was being tackled. It was a good call.
Overall, I thought the reffing was good.

Incomplete pass in my books. But it was a close one. I wouldn't have a problem with a call either way. Wouldn't want to have to make the call in a split second.

(Wearing my orange couloured glasses). Incomplete, both arm and ball went forward. Didn’t someone explain that rule last year? I am sure I heard (TSN???) that if the arm and ball go forward it is incomplete.

Arm yes.....not necessarily the ball

It looked incomplete to me -- arm going forward when hit. That call concerned me less than the inconsistency in the way the refs were calling pass interference during this game. Also, no two officiating crews call it the same. No wonder the players get angry.

Incomplete pass, end of story. Refs whistled it down anyways so it was not reviewable. Refs did a great job yesterday imo. That pass interference on that Calgary interception early on in the game was a brilliant call and I am thrilled that the refs had the balls to make it.

When the call goes your way its end of story! Against you and we never hear the end of it.
Even when they make the right call against your team you whine.
Sorry but its not the end of story yet!

...incomplete pass....the refs blew only one call yesterday IMO, the PI on Rodgers along the sideline....the backfeild judge was right there and did not throw his flag, rightly, the line judge was 30 some odd yards away and threw his flag only after rodgers began his arm waving complaint...our side of the stadium erupted, Ted Hellard was right in front of the play and I thought he was going to get tossed as he screamed at the line judge for a minute or two....that led to the BC touchdown that pulled them out of reach so it was a difficult thing to accept...

Funny how a Stamps fan agrees with me and you are still arguing about it. Face the fact, the Lions are 5-0 whether you like it or not (and I know you don't)

That's a tough one. His arm was moving forward, but then it seems he started to pull it down to run right as he got hit, but his arm was still going forward while he was tucking it.

I think in a case like this where it's so close it's nearly impossible to call it, you err on the side of safety and call it incomplete.

Incomplete pass no doubt about it. The PI was a bad call. But we will win the next one.

Im not arguing about anything here. You may notice that I have not given an opinion one way or the other.
As for the Lions being 5-0. It changes nothing in my life.

Being a very big Lions fan, it changes something in my life. Hard to figure that a Lions fan would be happy with a victory, eh? :wink:

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I agree. I feel really badly for any Lions fan that would be happy with their team winning. It's just really hard to fathom why any fan would even care about the result of his or her favourite team! Crazy fools should be checked into rehab.