Fullbacks, Als, Ti Cats

It was great to see Jeff Piercy making a presence in Hamilton as a blocking back and receiver. He won the job from a veteran and is effective with the Ti Cats in blocking and receiving. To get Jason Maas the Als traded Piercy away.Hamiltom won the best of that deal.

The Als had a good history of Canadian fullbacks. Mike Soles was a CIS star, who led McGill to the Yates Cup. He was the consumate fullback, blocking to help Mike Pringle to ramble and, getting effectively the screen pass. Bruno Heppell followed who proved to be an asset in getting the ball over the opponents goal line.

Late last year Popp attempted to sign Casey Printers in order to right his sinking ship. Montreal won this deal as Calvillo, within a new offensive system, is playing with his old effectiveness. Printers has yet to complete a throwing touchdown. As MadJack pointed out the emphasis is now away from the fullback to an extra receiver although Kevin Carter looks good at the fullback spot as required.

To sum it up, it appears all of the above players were winners in the trading-signing go around. The only suprise loser this year would have to be Brady who, last season appeared to be the hier apparent to Calvillo and, is now not playing at all. He is the man out in all these activities. Too bad, I thought he showed promise.

Brady's time will come

Brady got injured in camp. According to those who watched camp and a certain coach. Brady was the best QB at camp. He is still the #2QB for the Als.

If we can keep our list of QBs, we are set. Brady looks good, and he's under the wing one of the best QBs of all time, Anthony Calvillo.

What I like most, is Marcus Brady's team spirit. He's always smiling on the field, and always taking his job seriously. It shows his dedication to the team, when he signed a fresh contract, knowing he'd be backing up A.C again, and I think he knows he has what it takes, and his time is gonna come soon.

That's why when he comes in, the players will respect him and will want to play for him, and block for him and catch his passes, etc.

Also, I do like Brad Banks, and I think Adrian McPherson could be lethal in this league as well. If we can keep these guys for a few more seasons, we'll continue to have the most depth as far as QBs are concerned.

As for the Full Backs.

I really like Kerry Carter, and I think he's way better than Villimek, who I really like a lot.

For a small guy, I am quite surprised at how effective Cobourne has been blocking as well.

The time difference AC is getting in the pocket this year when compared to last is unbelievable.