We seem to be missing that big 240-250 lb bruiser of a fullback for those 2nd. or 3rd. and short situations. Most of the teams seem to have one the good ones are szarka and the kid from the eskies from Laval.
Any Ideas?

The local kid, Williams, is definitely not the answer.

Williams is more of a dodge around and run rather than a big blocker and a guy that can plough through 4 guys to get the TD.

Bang on Mr. Smoke, Williamms is a good special teamer but he's not a smash mouth fullback.

We QB sneak every short yardage situation.
Why do we need a big fullback?

For those that remember even when we had a guy like that in Julian Radelain it was no better than what we do now.

I think many are referring to when we need more than just a yard.... like 2-4 yards. I remember Julian Radlein's first 2 years here. That guy was amazing in short yardage situations. He lead the Tiger-Cats in touchdowns his first year with 7, and had 5 touchdowns his second year. Not too shabby for a fullback.
On another note, giving Cobb the ball up the middle in short yardage near the goal-line (3 or more yards to go) is not a great call. I know Glenn is slow, but he should still be rolling out and looking to pass, dump pass it, or run it in.....until we get a Radlein type in there again.

Julian kind of left town in a hurry to,I heard he caused trouble in the locker room but I don't really believe it,he was a great player and is a great guy.

don't know where you got that from.

Rads suffered a knee injury he never recovered from.

Shame for a good hard nosed player

TSN said it during the first game without him,they said he was causing problems,thats it they both just brushed it off and basicly said PFFT.
either way its probably not true.
lets let it go.

This is a typical problem these days, in spite of the Canadian content rule big Canadian running backs don't exist anymore. Just like Canadian placekickers!
If the Canadian content rule was reduced we could probably start a big bruising Full Back, but they don't exist in Canada.
A couple of years ago we had a big bruising tight/end/rullback this guy was awesome to watch but he was American and last year we tried to convert him to an OL it didn't work out and he was let go.

Why not go jumbo in the backfield near the goal line. Put a DE or DT in the FB spot. You can give him the ball a la the Refrigerator Perry or fake, roll out and pass or QB keep around the end if the Def. bites on the fake.

Pavlovic might be big enough and bruising enough, but he might not be fast enough or have the agility required to actually run the ball. He's naturally a blocking TE.

There's also the possibility that they're still converting Darcy Brown to FB, as he's big enough, and fast enough, but played WR in the CIS, so maybe he's still in project stage.

8) I think the guy you are referring to is Kori Dickerson.
 Yes, his natural position was Fullback/ Tight End.

 They tried to convert him to a Defensive End last year, and that experiment failed  !!!

I agree we could use a fullback for short yardage and blocking, and creating a more balanced attack.

The likes of Ronald Williams, Julian Radelin, and Jeff Johnson come to mind. When the Argos were moving the ball last game, it was primarily because Johnson was putting blocks on the linebackers.

I'm glad to see our offense has put more emphasis on passing, because in the CFL you don't win just running the ball, (remember last year, we led the league in rushing yards) but this type of addition makes a big difference on short yardage plays and provides more complexity to our offense.