fullback Kojo Aidoo Cut by Argos.

Poor Kojo Aidoo He unemployed again :frowning:

Botom Line of Boston Story.

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=240176&lid=sublink01&lpos=headlines_cfl]http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=240176& ... dlines_cfl[/url]

Just because he went to mac and he's Canadian we're all supposed to have a good cry that he got cut?

You forgot to mention poor Ex-Cat Canadian offensive lineman Chris Sutherland was released in the same press notice.

Wish Him Luck He's a first class guy.

Not necessarily, but it is nice to see a Canadian kid succeed in this league, especially one as genuinely nice and hard working as Kojo.

Nice post Drexl.....are u really this miserable in person, or is it just your online personna?????

Meh i'm not miserable lol, if someone new the guy personally then I can see them being upset, but I don't know any players personally so I don't get upset when they're cut.

But after watching the vid of Corey 'agent zero' Dickerson I am now rooting for him to win the starting end spot lol.

oh ya and I was rude like that because I know that if Aidoo wasn't canadian and didn't go to MAC there would have been nothing said about his release, no love at all for him.

That's not true because there will always be people like me who feel sorry for everyone except Maas..lol.

But he did go to Mac and did play for Hamilton.

Seeing how Mac happens to be in Hamilton and the Ticats happen to be in Hamilton, I can see why he maybe a topic of discussion on the forum. I am sure that even if someone doesnt know him personally they have seen him play over the last few years.

Cuts no matter Who They Are S U C K
But are a Part of Life as a Football Player
From the Time you Try out for Rep Team in City to High School Then Collage and the Pros.
Your Going to cut somewhere along the line.
Fact of Life.

I feel bad for anyone who dose not make it.
But Yes Since I am Canadian I do Feel worse for Canadian Players

Kojo is a Class Act Unlike some of The people here.

He played for Hamilton?

He did…I have his White Labor Day helmet…ooops, sorry…LaboUr Day helmet and his yellow jersey to prove it…

At least I THINK they were his…

And IF only he hadn’t worked in that DAMN movie…he lost 2 tenths off his 40 and his cutting ability…

Best of luck to you K

An uninformed post from an uninformed person.

I can never get enough about the new players they constantly bring in and out throughout the year. It gives me time to do some research on them. I develop an affecton for all of them (0k, most of them)
I like to follow them in the future if they go to another team, like Kojo did with the argos. I usually hope a guy like him gets to start and do well against teams that we want the argos or whoever to beat up on.
With the average career so short and the average team going through maybe 80 guys a year there are not too many who get to make it.

Indeed he did, just click on History/All time roster above, shows him 2004 - 2006.

I am guessing drex was being sarcastic.


Please don't swear CK.


Don't know who defaced that picture.