fullback in the play book???

do we have a fullback scheme in our playbook?

does anyone this year? or do we spread the defense with receivers and use only the" feature back.."

if so... why?

I invite comments and obs.

To answer your questions, yes we do have plays to the fullback but they are either poor throws or the fullback just doesn't go anywhere.

Also, other teams do have it in their gameplan in fact Kerry Carter is very big in Montreals gameplan.

Fullback on the roster?

I'm curious why no one uses the fullback to block anymore...or to pound the ball in near the goal line?

Most teams now use a backup QB for this task. This way, they can get a good surge behind the line, there is no chance of a fumble on the handoff, and the FB cannot then fumble the ball. Of course, the QB can fumble the ball (that helped us against BC).

I don't know why we never see the I form or lead blocking. Probably would open up the running game.

Probably the same reason you don't see a tight end on every play.