Full list of today's cuts

The BC LIONS have released the following players:

Otis Amey (WR)
Josh Bean (LB)
Melik Brown (DL)
Trestin George (DB)
Darren Marquez (OL)
Mike McEachern (S)
David Mills (LS)
Kyle Mitchell (DL)
Matt Morencie (OL)
Caesar Rayford (DL)
Damian Sims (RB)

The CALGARY STAMPEDERS have released the following players:

Jackie Chambers (WR)
Matt D’Orazio (QB)
John Hashem (OL)
Anthony Ivy (DB)
Julian Jenkins (DL)
John Kanaroski (WR)
E.J. Kuale (DL)
Perry Kyles (DB)
Vincent Marshall (WR)
Scott McHenry (FB)
Cedric Thompson (RB)

The SASKATCHEWAN ROUGHRIDERS have released the following players:

Nuvraj Bassi (DL)
Todd Blythe (WR)
Jeff Bolen (K/P)
Brandon Childress (WR)
Jason Geathers (RB)
Sasha Glavic (DB)
Juan Joseph (QB)
Casey McGahee (WR)
Sam Olajabutu (LB)
David Patterson (DL)
Brandon Perkins (LB)
Brad Peters (OL)
Byron Ross (WR)
Seante Williams (DL)
Jerron Wishom (DB)

The WINNIPEG BLUE BOMBERS have released the following players:

Patrick Body (DB)
Terry Firr (WR)
Jean-Francois Morin-Roberge (OL)
Matt O’Meara (OL)
Joe Smith (RB)
Ronyell Whitaker (DB)
Thaddeus Coleman (OL)
Jasper Johnson (DB)
Nick Kordic (DB)
Montez Murphy (DE)
Chase Ortiz (DE)
Neil Ternovatsky (LB)

The HAMILTON TICATS have released the following players:

J.P. Bekasiak (DL)
Carlton Brown (DB)
Matt Castelo (LB)
Eddie Cohen (WR)
Francis Daneau (OL)
Cassidy Doneff (WR)
Brandon Guillory (DL)
Alan Harper (DL)
Sean Manning (S)
Melvin Matlock (DB)
Mike McFadden (DL)
Dan Oliphant (OL)
Desman Stephen (DB)
Jacob Willis (WR)

The TORONTO ARGONAUTS have released the following players:

Patrick Afif (OT)
Tyler Ebell (RB)
Nick Hannah (LB)
Kenny Higgins (WR)
Pete Hunter (DB)
Kevin Huntley (DL)
Ben Ishola (DE)
Sammy Joseph (CB)
Matt Lambros (WR)
Kinsmon Lancaster (WR)
Todd Lowber (WR)
Jerome Mathis (WR/KR)
David McMillan (DE)
Kenny O’Neal (WR/KR)
Zachary Pollari (OL)
Stephen Reaves (QB)
Cleannord Saintil (WR)
Gordon Sawler (OG)
Brad Smith (WR)
Da’Shawn Thomas (RB)
Chris Van Zeyl (OL)

The MONTREAL ALOUETTES have released the following players:

Blue Adams (CB)
Rodney Hardeway (DE)
Frantz Hardy (WR)
Kevin Marion (WR)
Robbie Powell (OG)
Chris Rutledge (OT)
Jay Staggs (LB)
Joshua Thompson (DT)
Jamaine Winborne (LB)

Out of this I think I'd bring these guys in at least for a look:
Montez Murphy DE
Joe Smith RB
Tyler Ebell RB
Matt Lambros WR
Matt Morencie OL
Scott McHenry FB/TE
Casey McGahee WR

From the rest of the free agency:
A.J. Harris RB
T.J. Hill LB
Cam Hall LB

** Mind you I said a LOOK, as in testing them without even having to sign them to see if they still have it**

Why did we release MacIntyre in the rookie camp -- and now he's made our team?

Same thing goes for John Williams. First we send him packing, then sign him back about a month later. Glad to have him back though, he was a great help on special teams. I have a hunch the ticats released good players because they feel they can pick up some of the better players that were released from other teams, ex. Murphy, Smith, etc.

we cut Mcintyre after rookie camp because he was injured, and i didn't no why we would bring him back, but then he looked pretty good wednesday.

yup having a look without signing is nothing but good.

Only one I would bring in is Montez Murphy.

Are you allowed to bring in players without signing them to a contract? CFL contracts are not guaranteed anyway, so there is no risk of doing so. If I was a player, I'd expect to be paid for my work, plus have insurance coverage in case of injury, etc. That means a contract to me. Even PR players get a bit of money. It's professional football after all.