Full house, first-class experience planned for 2021 Grey Cup

HAMILTON — The Canadian Football League laid out its plans for Grey Cup in Hamilton today in an announcement that resembles a three-play touchdown drive.

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Hamilton to host in 2023. This is fair since it will be scaled back event without temporary seats and the concert series and fan events won't be happening

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Makes sense to me. Hopefully by then a normal full slate of festivities can be held in Grey Cup week.

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Where's ro1313? He should be here soon to warn us all of the coming 5th wave & how we'll all die if we go to the Grey Cup. :wink:

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I was right about the 3rd wave, I was right about the 4th wave.

Considering this is a post on the Grey Cup, what exactly is your point? Other than trolling of coursre?

Considering this is a post on the Grey Cup, what exactly is your point? Other than trolling of coursre?

Just giving you a little dig. Good to see you're still around.


Congrats Hamilton! By 2023 you'll have a better team and a better chance of hosting your own Grey Cup appearance! :smiley: :+1:

Or be midway through your rebuilding faze.

Good news, the city & provence usually makes higher profit with two visiting teams play in the Grey Cup.

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Or not so much if the visiting team fans are coming from Toronto, Ottawa or Montreal. They can drive to Hamilton the day of the game and drive back after.
If you are coming from out west, you likely fly in Saturday and fly out Monday, 2 nights in a hotel. Or if you really want to save money fly in on Sunday, the game doesn't start until 6:30 PM KO, just get one night in a hotel.

Perhaps, not all will only show up and depart on the same day. A few will, fine.
Money is also made on gas, food, shopping, bussing groups to and from the game, tourism.... etc anyone who indulges in drinks, without a DD should/would book a room.
I'm an hour out from Winnipeg, when I go there for any event which includes drinking, I book a room, and taxi back and forth, plus food gas.

Ottawa 5 plus hours,Montreal 6 plus hours. Not very likely to return.
What if it's Saskatchewan,. Cha-ching

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I've been to 2 Grey Cups, only stayed in a hotel for one Grey Cup. A bunch of us guys went to Montreal and shared a hotel room. Went to the 05 GC in Ottawa I was living there and went home after the game.

Some cities hosting a Grey Cup will make a lot more than others. A western city hosting with a lot of seats available for out of towners will make more from hotels, restaurants etc but when a GC is Ontario, it's really not that bad of a drive home after a game. The problem with Hamilton is that there are very few hotel rooms in the city. But thousands of rooms available in Toronto or Niagara, less than an hours drive from the stadium.

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That's the jackpot team. The moment Saskatchewan wins the final another 10,000 temporary seats ought to be trucked in. Talk about money in the bank. :grin:

Went to the 05 GC in Ottawa I was living there and went home after the game.

I've been to 3 Grey Cups plus 2 in Winnipeg, the 2 in Winnipeg I lived there at that time. Of course I went home afterwards. That's my point.
Twice I stayed Friday - Monday, and once Tuesday - Monday. Dropped a LOT of money.

There is a group of people who haven't missed a GC game in decades, I've run into some of them every GC I've been to. They get together spend on swag, pins dinner, hotels.....

Two visiting teams will generate more money.