Full CFL Games possible outside Canada and U.S

I am a CFL fan from England and for the past few years i have supported the league by simply watching highlight videos of matches. I was wondering if it possible to watch the CFL online here in the U.K. I have tried TSN but it wont let me watch the videos for the simple reason "I am not Canadian" just wondering if there is any other methods of watching full games.

This comes up so much I think we need to get peissiom to post the game here.

I have been a fan for a while now and i have yet to enjoy a full game of Canadian Football, i mean highlights are ok but when you have a match like what Montreal vs Saskatchewan, it would be nice to watch such a classic game.

Eh English do you think a CFL franchise in London would work??(European Division), How about the Grey Cup do you get that?

are you kidding me>?
why not a CFL team on mars as well :roll:

Have you tried justintv ?

How about an Exhibition game in London?
Any chance for success?

perhaps if you mean, London, Ontario.

Not a damn chance.NFL Europe showed that North American football isn't something that they are willing to accept into their lives.At least not yet.

yeah Justintv would be a good start there are lots of web sites that show tv shows, and sporting events otherwise blackedout to other countries or regional telecasts

The CFL is preety much non-existant here in the U.K despite how popular the NFL is, i first learned about the CFL simply because i am a huge Hockey fan and also i am a big fan of the NFL myself. I have tried to watch games on the likes of JustinTV and other websites but they are either blacked out or just end up being shut down or the quality is simply unwatchable.

I beg to differ, Amatuar American Football is huge over here in the U.K with hundreds of team across the U.K alone. I have played American Football here in the U.K for 2 years and year after year more teams are founded and the league that operates it becomes much stronger. Other countries like Germany, Holland, Austria and others have very solid amatuar and some Semi-Pro leagues. I think if the NFL London game is anything to go by it shows that American Football is popular over here seeing as the game sells out in minutes.

Perahps the Canadian version of down football would be even more popular in Europe? same size pitch for one thing.

30 year Rider fan and former season ticket holder here. I lived in the UK last fall/winter and didn’t miss a single game, including watching my beloved Riders on their Grey Cup run.

You just go to the cfl website, and watch the live stream. You have to pay for the live games, but that means you’re up in the middle of the night anyway.

Or, if you’d rather not watch in the middle of the night, you can watch the games on TSN.ca the day after for free (better quality as well).

I cant watch it on TSN.ca because its blacked out and i have to have a Canadian IP to watch it.

Sorry yukoner2009 , I live in Chile and fellow Rider fan... but the wonderful CFL never got together with INSINC as of yet!

Emailed them and all they can gie me is that they made a deal with NFL Network to show the game.

So instead of being like the NFL and promoting the game throughout the world... they do not try to get the CFL to other places and let the NFL handle showing it to the US.

The NFL package on DirectV here is CHEAPER than in the US. This helps those that are only sorta interested become hooked. NFL products and scores are available many places. But try and find something CFL.....

COME ON CFL, if this is "Our Game" lets get it out to all of us!!!

If you want, hire me.. I have no problems setting up a CFL streaming site for you to make money off all us out here that want to see it!

It seems that i am now able to watch videos on TSN.ca now, i tried to access the website through internet explorer instead of my usual Firefox and the videos started to load. Not sure how its doing this but its working fine, i have been watching the Hamilton vs Winnipeg game for the last hour.

Do you use an ad-blocker of some kind on Firefox? I use ad-block plus with firefox, which sometimes blocks video ads that come up before the main video I want to watch. I guess the main video won’t load until the ad is finished, and if the ad doesn’t start, it obviously can’t finish, so the main video never loads. I’ve never had a problem on cfl.ca, though, because I’ve unblocked ads there.

Ahhh yes i do have Ad-Blocker that may be the problem then.

Edit: That was the problem after all, you have saved my life. Finally i can watch a full CFL after years of just highlights!

You can "trick" the tsn website into thinking you are in Canada in one of two ways. The first is to find a proxy server in Canada and connect through that. This tends to be slow The second is to download a VPN (virtual private network) program that will change your IP address to look like it is from Canada. I have used this method from Canada to watch US only streams such as HULU. Try Hotspot Shield. http://hotspotshield.com/ . It contains annoying adds but it has worked for me in the past.

Hope this helps.