FUCK The Referees

I mean FUCK Them, they Voided a perfect 7 points from Bombers with Steagal in the end zone, are they Fucking vblind, or is this just fucking Politics, this is UN****IN BEALIVABLE.

I must agree with you octogon. THat was a horrible call. And shouldve been a touchdown. Especially with 2 refs in good position to see it. Lets hope that doesnt end the Bombers chances of winning. Ive been routing for them.

The refs are bad. And to think I used to like the CFL more than the NFL. But then again, where is Troy when the Bombers need him?

And now the refs are trying to make up for it with pass interference.

What's up with the Sask fans for booing Winnipeg when they are winning and have the refs help.

I agree.... what a stupid call. This business with no video replays is stupid. How many plays have to be ruined and games decided by TERRIBLE calls before they do something? The Bombers have got the bad end of some really bad calls lately, but this has been a problem for all teams across the league.

Something has to be done with the horrible calls - Milt caught this one, but taken away once again. All teams need to agree with the CFL that the officiating needs assistance.

Great - they just took another touchdown away from Milt. Legitimate or not this penalty really SUCKS!

Trebbie call!!! THAT WAS A TD!!!! IDOIT REF!!!

But that didn't cost the Bombers the game, The Bombers D did! Had they spoted the Riders from geting a TD after the FG by Westwood, it whole have been a different game!

But we will get the Riders back in the Peg!!!! here is to the Bombers secord stairt Banjo Bowl Win!!!!!!!!!

there were a couple of bad calls by the refs, but im not blaming them at all for the loss... what the hell defence? just terrible...special teams could use a little help as well...just alot of mistakes by the bombers. hopefully we can figure out how to play some real football next week.

Yeah That Non TD call was bad. But earlier in the game I remember saying something to the wife about Sask getting the short end of one.

Like KK said, as bad as that Non call was, The Bomber defense gave up far to many points.

I really feel bad for Milt, he had a great game.

The defence is hemoraging since Rust left and Brown went down, they really need to do something quick to try to stop the bleeding.

Wooooooooooo!!!!!!!! finally the riders win. Agreed that was a touchdown by Milt when he had the ball taken away from him in the endzone, but I don't think that he caught that second one that the refs gave him. Clearly something has to change with the camera views, and the refing. This takes away from a great game. The head official has something shuved up his ass, he never cracks a smile, and he thinks he owns the field. I appreciate Crandell almost hitting one of them in the head. Cudos.

td catch all the way!!! the refs **cked up with both of them right there looking down at the receiver and the ball.

to me, that was the "tsn turning point" - with that td, the bombers were within striking distance, but on the next drive, sask got a great run (sloppy defence on our part) and scored to put the game "out of reach"! great call on stegall's 2nd catch (awesome catch!), but sh***y call on the great effort he made late in the game. sask did a good job, and i don't want to take anything away from their effort, because again, our defence sucked and sask deserved to win, but its a "bitter pill to swallow" knowing that we were at the very least robbed of 7 points!!!

BTW - sask never did cross the goal line on one of their td's - however, with their running game, they would've put it in eventually!!! not like our bombers who were 1st & goal on the one and then eventually get intercepted. did u hear Daley's lame a*s excuse saying the box thought that it was on the 2 yd line, therefore, they went for the pass play - what a joke - fire this guy!!! everyone watching the game knew it was on the 1 yd line - are these guys in the box sniffing glue or what??? :shock:

This is very disappointing!!!

You people should be ashamed of yourselves, look at you!

Aw the refs this, and the refs that......yadda, yadda, yadda!

Yeah okay, so maybe the refs blow calls, but they blow them against everyone not just us.

Cool off have a beer and relax.

We had 60 mins to win and we didn't. We've had 11 games to win and we didn't.

We have a great team but it's just not working out. I would love them to win everygame and crush everyone, but, whatever, I love 'em anyway.

Anyone who says otherwise doesn't know jack about football.

10 percent physical, 90 percent mental. We got ten percent nailed down.

Every team has to take their turn in the basement (with the exception of the Eskischmoes) now it's ours. But I tell you...IT AIN'T OVER BABY!!!!!!!!

GO BLUE!!!!!

I needed that rant.


KobeKid - go ***K urself! I did have a beer and i was relaxed - if u knew how to read, u'd understand that i didn't once BLAME the refs for the loss. i have nothing to be ashamed about by stating the obvious! even the riders fans can agree that the refs suck!

the refs blew a few big calls in nearly every game, not only or the blue, but for ALL teams the last few years. George Black promised that more resources were to be made available for the further training & development of cfl officials. does anyone see an improvement over last year???

the catch by Stegall was soooo obviously a touchdown with 2 "zebras" staring right down at him!!! that was pathetic! i would've even been satisfied had they called a pass interference against Stegall, at least there was some contact, albeit rather inconsequential, when compared with some of the contact they let go on behalf of both secondaries.

i'm disaapointed in u, kobekid, for being ashamed to stand up and say the obvious!!! sask BEAT the bombers, plain & simple. refs had nothing to do with the outcome, but had we been awarded that td ............

let's all be honest, as soon as we couldn't punch it in from the 1 on 1st down, then threw the interception on a BONE-HEADED play call, the game was over. then Daley had the audacity to admit he and the "guys in the box" thought it was on the 2 yd line, therefore the pass play:shock: that's what WE ALL should be ashamed & disappointed about, not to mention pis**d off about!!! :evil:

I can agree that it “appeared” to be a touchdown, but there was a missed call at the start of the play. I would say Steagal was offside, and then he pushed off of the DB, so was it a matter of tit for tat on behalf of the refs, purhaps?

The Roughies had a couple bad calls against the Lions the week before that did help the Lions. But, the Riders didn’t deserve to win that one anyway, at least the offence .

What I don't understand is the inconsistancy in applying a time honoured principle in CFL play: that when in doubt the official awards the play to the offensive team. I know that the officials are underpaid for their efforts and that they are, buy and large, much better at their jobs than NFL officials. What drives me nuts though is the differing "interpretations" of the rules that end up effecting outcomes. Officials can make bad calls now and then in any sport and any league. Problems arising out of having to interpret rules rather than adhering to them lead to strings like this one.

They really sucked when we lost to hamilton. They were so stupid. Its because those refs were from hamilton.

BlueBomberBoy :x