FSN Power Rankings

By Bob Coatsworth,

  1. Montreal Alouettes (2-0) – The Alouettes maintain their hold on No. 1 in the rankings following a bye week. Anthony Calvillo looks to pick up where he left off two weeks ago when Montreal plays host to Hamilton on Thursday. Calvillo has passed for at least 300 yards on 10 consecutive occasions against the Tabbies. Last week: 1

  2. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (2-1) – The story of the turnaround Blue Bombers becomes more incredible with each game. After setting a CFL record with 6,335 passing yards allowed in 2005, this year’s team has yet to give up a passing touchdown through three games and is on pace to surrender nearly 2,500 less yards through the air. Kevin Glenn showed what he’s capable of in Week 3, throwing for 368 yards and three touchdowns in a 46-10 rout of the defending Grey Cup champion Eskimos. Last week: 5

  3. B.C. Lions (2-1) – If the Lions are going to continue to win, they’re going to have to keep Dave Dickenson healthy. B.C. built up a 23-0 lead Friday before allowing the Argonauts back into it with Dickenson on the sidelines resting a swollen knee. Don’t expect to see Antonio Warren as much in Week 4 against Edmonton. Warren’s requests to get the ball more last week annoyed head coach Wally Buono - so did his fumble and his inability to produce in short-yardage situations. Last week: 4

  4. Calgary Stampeders (2-1) – Calgary has yet to jell into the team some of us prognosticators thought they might be. With a 2-1 record, however, the Stamps are in contention in the West. All three Stampeder outcomes have been decided in the final moments. A game-winning 45-yard field-goal by Sandro DeAngelis with no time remaining Thursday, lifted Calgary to their latest comeback victory. Last week: 2

  5. Saskatchewan Roughriders (1-1) – Kerry Joseph began to live up to some of the expectations laid upon him in Saskatchewan’s victory over B.C. two weeks ago. His late-game scoring drive dispelled some of the questions about his arm-accuracy for at least a week. The Riders need to establish their running game in Week 4. Saskatchewan hasn’t had a running back rush for more than 50 yards through two the first two games. The Riders host Calgary at newly-enshrined Mosaic Stadium Saturday. Last week: 6

  6. Edmonton Eskimos (1-2) – Fans are pushing the panic button already in Edmonton after the second sloppy performance of the young season. Defensive woes are the biggest concern. The Esks gave up 601 total yards Saturday against Winnipeg and weren’t able to get any semblance of a pass rush to Bombers quarterback Kevin Glenn. Cries of, “Bring back Donny Brady,? and “re-sign Joe Montford,? are echoing on Eskimo message boards. Last week: 5

  7. Toronto Argonauts (1-2) – Life without Damon Allen continues to taste of defeat for the Argos. Spergon Wynn showed slight improvement in his second game as Toronto’s starting quarterback, but it wasn’t enough in a 26-19 loss Friday in Vancouver. Ricky Williams scored his first CFL touchdown and equaled his Week 1 output with another 18 rushes for 97 yards. Toronto faces Winnipeg this weekend, the Bombers held the former Miami running back to 14 yards on eight carries two weeks ago. Last week: 7

  8. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (0-3) – Hamilton’s 23-22 loss Thursday to Calgary was stunning, the kind of defeat that can bury a team. Hamilton has now lost 11 consecutive road games dating back to the start of last season. They’ll be hard-pressed to rebound Thursday in Montreal, although the offence might get a boost with Corey Holmes returning from his ankle injury. Last week: 8

Bob Coatsworth works as an editorial coordinator at The Score Television Network and has been a fantasy sports enthusiast for years.

I think i generally agree with these rankings, except switch BC and the bombers around IMO.

by the way im headed to EL Salvidor on a missions trip with my church today so i wont be posting here for a few weeks.

.....I can agree with those....

......have a great mission James, did the same this last March with my family, stay safe and work hard.....

i comepletly disagree with these, it looks like this guy just took everyones record and ranked them based on that.

1 - BC (2-1) first because they have played better and beat better teams than montreal.

2 - Montreal (2-0) need to play better teams to move up, or at least beat the bottom one easily

3 - Winnipeg (2-1) could be 3-0, and thumped the "not so mighty EE"

4 - Sask (1-1) lose groung because of the bye.

5 - Calgary (2-1) should be 3-0 but cant find the killer instinct.

6 - Toronto (1-2) without Allen they just arent that good.

7 - Edmonton (1-2) RR is putting up wicked numbers but they still cant win, and should be 0-3

8 - Hamilton (0-3)the game was theirs to take and they couldnt step up.

32-14 is not beating them easily? Not allowing a first down in the second half until late in the 4th quarter is not a sound beating on the road? Hamilton had 2 drives where they got anything done and the rest of the game they were invisible

What did you exect from the als.. a 50-3 win? lol... maybe this week we'll do that!

32-14 is a solid win. But it was against the late place team and the team i have ranked as 8th. So IMO it wasnt as big of a win as BC beating SK 45-28 in week one.

Montreal has only play one good team winnipeg and they were out played for much of that game, but in the end they won which is why they are ranked ahead of them.

BC- having trouble not blowing out teams early and running out of gas. Will be a contender all year unless DD goes down.

Montreal- 2-0, bye week

Winnipeg- pretty strong defence, big surprise for most

Saskatchewan- pretty solid team all around, minus their passing woes.

Calgary- could be 0-3 or almost as easily, 3-0. Hasn't looked dominant or destructive as of yet.

Edmonton- Offence moving ball well, but failing to put points up. Pass rush, and secondary needs lots of improvement.

Toronto- Looked good in game 1, otherwise... :thdn:

Hamilton- only winless team, players still trying to gel as a unit. Could be a contender later on in the year if things go good.

I think I would go

  1. BC- Need to get better in the 2nd Halfs, or not take out Dickenson :slight_smile:.

  2. Winnipeg Or Montreal- It really is a tossup.

  3. Winnipeg Or Montreal- Tossup

4 5 6. Tossup

  1. Toronto- Meh

  2. Hamilton- Duh

herschel to pokeys

4,5,6 toss up!!! no kidding but the fun of doing these rankings is to rank them and give a reason why.

and i wouldnt put edmonton in the toss up with calgary and saskatchewan. they havent looked good in any of their 5 games and are 1-4. 1-2 when it counts!

Including exhibition games? wtf.

Calgary, Saskatchewan, And Edmonton are all a toss up. None of them have proved to be better than the other yet so therefore its a tossup. If you really want me to rank them ALL and get down to the nitty gritty than just say so, didnt know this thread was a matter of life and death.

Pokeys to Herschel

They only played 2 games and won both

  1. BC - most explosive O in the league

  2. Montreal - they are solid

  3. Winnipeg - because of the blow out

  4. Saskatchewan - beat the #1

  5. Calgary - 2 wins (barely)

  6. Toronto - good team, bad QB

  7. Edmonton - because of the blow out

8) Hamilton - 3 loses
  1. Winnipeg - because of the blow out
:lol: :lol: :lol: First time son!

Who's to say you win another?

that is why it is week by week....

Exactly good luck though! I think the Argo's will be ready this time.

so do I....but I would rather be going into TO then Regina....good luck to the Stamps as well....

No luck required the Riders are the medicene we need! :lol:

I am looking forward to the game....I really dont no what to expect from both teams.....


  1. MONT. Have had a easy start to the season, but still look like a force.

  2. WPG. have them number two because they look strong even with a back-up QB

  3. BC. Will be strong till Dave goes down

  4. Sask. have played better then Calgary, but can they be consistant?

  5. Cal. Offence can talk smack, now can they put it all together.

  6. Tor. I still think they look better then Edm. The running game is working, when Allen gets back, so does the winning.

  7. Edm. This story is a bigger surprise then the turn around in Winnipeg, who had Edmonton placed so low in the standings. Not alot.

  8. Ham. Defence win's championships, and the Tabbies don't have one. Can anyone say Canadian coach!

This weeks predictions:

Ham @ Mont - only a fool would take the tabbies

BC @ Edm - I have a feeling they don't lose at home

Wpg @ Tor - No Allen, No Chance. Wpg will be 3-1

Cal @ Sask - I still think the Stamps will pull out another squeeker..

  1. BC - Domination. If it weren't for amazingly timely (for the Riders) injuries, they'd be 3-0.

  2. Montreal - Same deal except they've only played 2 games.. in my mind that doesn't show they're better.. we'll see how they deal with the Peg.

  3. Winnipeg - This is a precarious position based mostly on one game's outcome.. we'll see if they can keep it up and be one of the top teams.

  4. Calgary - Much better in week 3.. should have won by a wider margain, could easily be 3-0.. if nothing else, the D and the kicking teams will win a lot of games.

  5. Sask - Have looked real bad, then pretty good, but it was against a decimated BC team that still came close.

  6. Edmonton - No consistency, no running game, no strategy behind the bench.. Ricky Ray looking like an MVP.. he can't do it by himself.

  7. Toronto - No leadership.. hopefully the near win against BC last week will start to get this team going.. they have too much talent to be playing this poorly. When Damon returns, things will change.

  8. Hamilton - So much promise.. so little execution. Where are the big plays from Holmes and Maas? Tough to say what's going on, except that it's bad.