FSN - Pick The Winner - Week 5 Screw-Up

Anyone here having this issue ?

I took Montreal to win vs T.O., and FSN Pick the winner is saying the T.O. won 13-0...???

See Here

I know it's not the CFL fault, but even a couple of e-mails to FSN hasn't fixed the issue yet...

FSN s-ucks, peroid.

Your link tells me IM not authorized to download the attachment :?

Fixed link !

I hope you dont mind, I fixed your fixed link.
Now it goes straight to the image. You dont have to click on slide show.

I guess you weren't around the first year they ran the fantasy football..wrong stats...stats not updated for weeks...I was constantly emailing them about errors. It's a lot better than it used to be.

That being said, they also haven't given points for any players on hamilton or montreal.

However, I have every confidence they will iron out the problem. Just give them some time..it shouldn't have any bearing on how you play the game this week.

It appears that they've finally updated their records, and all I can say is it's about explitive time. It's not often I get a perfect week, and I'll be damned if the record keepers screw me out of one. :lol: