FSN Huddle-ite pool: Mid-season Update

Hi All,

I've been meaning to post this update in honour of the mid-season point, so without further delay:

FSN Pick 10 Pool Standings

Fooks 1381
Horus! 1293
Esks32001 1201
Third_and_Ten 1173
Yeast#5 1166
Als_All_the_Way 1012
ro1313 914

FSN Pick the Winners Pool Standings:

Horus! 58
Als_Molson 58
Fooks 56
Third_And_Ten 54
Esks32001 54
newfie 50
Yeast#5 48
bamboo 46
Kanga Kucha 30
Als_All_the_way 26
Uglyandhasty 12
supertoe 8

Keep those picks coming in guys!

i'm doin good for pick 10 considering i missed week one

It’s funny how people always need to mention how they would have done better if… if… if… :roll:

What I think is funny is that I climb ranks and lose ranks in sync in the two pools, even though they aren’t linked. When I’m 3rd in one pool, i’m 3rd in the other too. When I’m 4th… you get the point.

i like to mention it cuz it points out how much better i am than you

well if i never sucked on my picks last week, i wouldn't have dropped so far. I thought I was going to be a big fat ZERO but luckily Buck Pierce showed up Nelon Greene to win the last game. The pick the winners is real close and I should be able to climb to #1 by the end of the year. I gotta stop picking the Argos to lose and I"d do a whole lot better.

If you were that hot, you wouldn’t forget to post picks on any given week.

I missed out on a few myslef, I'm doing good consetering that my team will I almost all way pick has had a bad season.

i didnt forget, i created my team in week 2 after finding out there was a cfl.ca league